Rank Score Title
#1 5.0
End the Infinite War by totally annihilating your enemies.
#2 5.0
Help this ball of tar find his girlfriend and save the day!
#3 3.5
Manipulate time and help Tim save his beloved Princess!
#4 4.5
Build a civilization and conquer the world!
#5 5.0
Find a cursed ruby ring by playing tri-peaks solitaire!
#6 4.8
Create rollercoasters, laser shows, water slides & more!
#7 4.6
All the addicting fun of the board game without the setup time!
#8 5.0
Defend the precious power cores from invading alien forces!
#9 4.5
Investigate thieves on a train ride through Europe.
#10 5.0
Join Nancy as she investigates a real Hollywood mystery!
#11 0.0
Match the cubes, earn high scores and rake in cash prizes in this addictive multiplayer puzzle game.
#12 4.6
Fight with the elite Delta Force on secret missions.
#13 4.7
Get the hit game show now for play on PC!
#14 4.7
Deliver goods to cities across all of North America!
#15 0.0
Enter a 3D fantasy world full of monsters, heroes & spells.
#16 0.0
Experience all 3 epic titles in this exciting RTS series!
#17 4.6
Break free from a magical puzzle prison.
#18 4.8
Get a headstart on your child's early learning skills!
#19 4.6
Total Worm carnage! Crazy weapons and nutty levels.
#20 5.0
Perfect your racing skills and make it to Knoxville!
#21 0.0
Create the world's best zoo! Fun blend of sim and match 3.
#22 5.0
A great blend of Hangman and Boggle!
#23 4.6
Become a Roman general and lead your armies on conquests!
#24 5.0
Learning counting and spelling is fun when playing with Caillou!
#25 4.5
Save the cute and fuzzy chuzzles in this match 3 game.
#26 4.5
Learn shapes, colors and the alphabet in three languages.
#27 3.8
Everyone's favorite board game with 3D graphics for PC!
#28 4.0
No matter what type of racing you like, it's here!
#29 4.0
Play 25 different word puzzles in 1 game!
#30 4.6
F16 air combat sim! Blend of realism and action.
#31 4.5
Fly the finest war fighter in the world!
#32 5.0
See how long you can last in this legendary puzzle masterpiece!
#33 4.6
Play 16 races and build mighty hero units!
#34 4.0
Classic Battleship with new ways to play.
#35 4.5
Develop a powerful hero to re-imprison the Titans.
#36 4.7
Play against up to 80 different opponents!
#37 4.8
Command military units in the era of the Roman Empire.
#38 4.5
The mission: save your planet. Objective: destroy the enemy.
#39 4.9
Unreal Tournament Game of the Year Edition!
#40 4.6
Awesome rally car racing and tons of upgrades for your car.
#41 4.7
Blow up enemy worms with crazy weapons and strategies!
#42 4.8
Uncover the eerie secrets of Blackmoor Manor!
#43 4.5
Command an elite squad in this realistic WWII game.
#44 5.0
Link the letter balls to form words.
#45 4.9
Waste alien monsters with awesome weaponry!
#46 5.0
Make words out of fun bubble letters.
#47 4.6
Fight for the North or South in the best civil war game yet!
#48 0.0
Build homes in the styles of the '50s through 2009.
#49 4.0
Over 300 new layouts and 4 fun game types!
#50 5.0
Go back in time with awesome 80s trivia!
#51 5.0
Build the best team and take them to the World Series!
#52 0.0
Create and manage a winning baseball team!
#53 4.8
Excellent 18 wheel truck driving sim!
#54 5.0
Search for the Slingo machines to get rich.
#55 4.7
Incredibly fun Claymation shooter with fun weapons.
#56 3.7
Fend off waves of Japanese attacks with deck guns!
#57 4.4
Excellent graphics and top notch computer AI.
#58 4.9
The ultimate Collapse game with new Quest mode!
#59 4.8
Heroes of Might and Magic II Gold Edition.
#60 4.8
A fantastic blend of stealth, shooter, and story.
#61 5.0
Get Ready for 2nd Grade with a Worldwide Adventure!
#62 4.0
Enter the cutthroat real estate world to get rich!
#63 0.0
It's one little robot versus a maniacal A.I. - can you help?
#64 5.0
Connect magical talismans to build up wealth, defeat Monsters!
#65 5.0
Packed with features, Live Billiards is incredibly realistic
#66 5.0
Help the adorable sprouts rebuild their civilization.
#67 4.0
Complete crazy courses on your motorcycle!
#68 0.0
He gave up his body to fight in space and save his family!
#69 5.0
Travel the globe and become the Blokus world champion!
#70 5.0
Feel the rush of flying an elite attack helicopter!
#71 4.7
Boggle-like word game that you may feel the urge to keep playing
#72 4.8
Play as 1 of 3 warlords destined to reunite China.
#73 4.3
Control horse racing from the inside!
#74 5.0
Here's your chance to build a big city from scratch.
#75 4.0
Experience more hack-and-slash fun with this thrilling RPG.
#76 5.0
Relive the intense WWII aerial battles over the Pacific!
#77 4.5
Help a young girl rescue her brother from the ghost lord!
#78 5.0
Hit the slopes in this extreme skiing adventure!
#79 3.9
Join Pat and Vanna as you solve word puzzles!
#80 4.5
Own a trucking business and dominate the roadways!
#81 5.0
Relive the old times with six classic arcade games.
#82 4.0
Color remake of the arcade classic Tempest.
#83 4.5
Use intense weapons to fry brutal alien invaders!
#84 0.0
Unravel a challenging mystery with your puzzle-solving wit!
#85 4.0
Perfect your swing and get on the golf leaderboard.
#86 4.6
Fantastic 2D Role Playing Game with over 50 hours of adventure!
#87 4.5
Hunt prized game ranging from red deer to lions year round.
#88 5.0
Become a better poker player with this great simulation!
#89 4.2
Buy and sell real estate to make a fortune!
#90 4.5
Build a top notch ski resort for skiers or boarders!
#91 0.0
Embark on a crazy adventure with Gumboy!
#92 5.0
Build and manage the best ski resort in the world!
#93 4.3
Build an enduring kingdom and legacy!
#94 5.0
Solid ball physics and easy to learn controls.
#95 4.0
Become a pirate, trader, politician, business owner and more!
#96 4.2
Very realistic with short and long version Snooker.
#97 4.1
An intriguing adventure into the paranormal!
#98 5.0
Take over the stars and kick the enemy off your planets!
#99 4.5
Bring down the evil King Kalap and bring peace to the land!
#100 4.7
A soothing mix of Solitaire, Mahjong & Hawaiian beach flair.