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Word Web Deluxe

Link letters and create words to sweep the spider webs away!

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  • What's Free - Play game for 100 minutes.
  • File Size - 31 MB
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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

A superior game, one of the very best in its category.


  • Exciting and engaging storyline add an addicting quality to the game.
  • Fast-paced survival mode for those looking for a challenge.
  • Explanations and objectives are clearly stated and explained.


  • Spider's webs can become too overwhelming.
  • Grading system is unclear.
  • Could become monotonous.




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Game Description

EEK! Destroy those spiders!

Word Web Deluxe presents a science experiment gone terribly wrong. 10 spiders have become super-intelligent and are invading your home and making a huge mess.

Link letters and create words to sweep the spider webs away! Earn tokens and use the letter-pool to spell your own words! Use bonus tiles to earn more points and bonus power-ups to get rid of those pesky cobwebs. But watch out for the spiders...they'll try to wrap you up in a cocoon!


Word Web Deluxe Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Dylan

It's time to spell words and clean the house because your sister's science experiment has gone awry, leaving your home infested with mutant spiders. Through spelling words and cleaning the forming webs, you can regain control of your desolate home. Make your way through the house cleaning out the spiders as you go. The longer the words you come up with, the faster you will get the job done and the more efficient you will be. Spell quickly and regain control of your home in Word Web Deluxe.

Spell to Clear Mutant Spiders

In this game you are the sibling of a scientist experimenting on a rare breed of spiders. Through accidentally bumping your sister, she drops the mixture of mutant critters causing them to hide throughout the house, breeding and infesting your property. In this game you must spell words through connecting adjacent letters. Spelling words, especially with spider web covered letters, earns you points and brings you closer to your goal of cleaning your house.


Each room of your house is a different level of the game, and you must proceed through them, cleaning and spelling along the way. Larger words are worth more points and help you clean at a faster rate. Also, spelling key words can unlock bonus letters and point multiplying gems. Spell quickly to clean efficiently in this spider infested word game.

A Few Game Options Offer Limited Variety

When you begin you are presented with several options. You first get to chose which member of the family you want to represent. You then chose a name and the game mode you wish to tackle. There are two modes: House Cleaning and Survival. House cleaning is briefly explained above. In this mode you move from room to room, spelling and cleaning out spiders as you go. This is the adventure- like mode of the game and the challenge is fun and engaging.

The second game mode is Survival. In this mode you hang on, spelling words as long as you can. The longer you play the harder it gets. How long do you think you can stick it out? Your scores are posted on a Hall of Fame page, so you can show-off to your friends and family. Survival is a great addition to the game because it adds a fast-paced element House Cleaning is missing. This is for players looking for a timed challenge, while House Cleaning is for the more relaxed speller. Both are uniquely distinct, and quite fun.


No Major Drawbacks

This game doesn't have any major drawbacks. Yes, it can get difficult as you advance and you might experience elements of monotony, however nothing is a huge deterrent. This game would be better though if it had a multiplayer mode or an online play. Not having these features is not a negative, but having them would add an interesting element that would separate this game from others in the word genre.

Conclusion - What It Tries to Do It Does Well

Who knew cleaning your house of mutant spiders could be so fun? Word Web Deluxe is a great word game that has a fun adventure mode coupled with a fast-paced survival challenge. Though you may experience fragments of monotony, this game packs in a lot of spelling fun. This game is perfect for any player, however younger spellers may find it too difficult. Fans of word games will appreciate the adventure elements, and the game comes highly recommended, despite not having online characteristics.

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