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Press Your Luck

Do You Dare to Spin Again and Risk Losing Everything You've Won?

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

A superior game, one of the very best in its category.


  • Great Graphics and Audio Quality.
  • Questions are challenging, yet not impossible.
  • Complete challenges with your avatar to unlock levels and wardrobe items.
  • Multiplayer mode that allows you to compete with 2 friends.


  • There is not a fast-forward action for advancing through questions.
  • Level to level not much changes.
  • There is only one difficulty setting and questions may be too hard for younger players.




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Game Description

Bring Home the Big Bucks!

Are you smart and lucky enough to bring home the cash? Test yourself now in this 80s game show!

Exciting, Addicting Gameplay!

Pick a character and hit the stage with two other opponents. Answer trivia questions about movies, music, TV shows and more to earn spins.


After each round, use your spins on a board packed with money, prizes and whammies. Watch out for whammies because they'll steal all your cash! For each spin, click to see if you win big or lose it all!

If you win a game then you'll move on to tougher opponents and earn new items for your wardrobe.


Simple to Play But You'll Want to Play for Hours!

Feel the adrenaline rush with every spin! This addicting game will keep you busy for hours and you can play it again and again for more trivia and excitement.

Try to bring home tons of virtual cash now with Press Your Luck!

Press Your Luck Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Dylan

“No Whammy, No Whammy, No Whammy!” Press Your Luck for the PC is an engaging game that will have you yelling “No Whammy” as you take a chance and spin for big bucks. This game show game is a great take on the televised show and is really fun. The questions are challenging (not impossible), and the rewards for winning are fun to unlock. Most anyone familiar with the board game will like this game, especially if you've always wanted to “Press Your Luck.”

Design a Character

The game begins with picking an avatar character. You will get to name this player, along with being able to customize their personality and expressions. The wardrobe of the player is standard, however, after competing and winning, you unlock different articles of clothing for your avatar to wear. The character you develop becomes yours and you compete with him or her throughout the course of the game. Your achievements are saved and you are able to return to where you left off each time you play.


A Game Show You Shouldn't Miss

For those of you unfamiliar with the game, Press Your Luck combines trivia, strategy, and chance into a fun game. It is broken into two rounds, each starting with 4 trivia questions. If you are the first to “buzz in” and answer you are awarded three spins for your correct answer. However, if you do not have the fastest finger you get a chance to guess the answer to the multiple choice question with one of the wrong answers removed. Correct answers after he initial buzz are only rewarded with 1 spin. After the round of trivia, and after all the spins have been collected, you try to “Win some bucks and Press Your Luck,” on the Whammy infested Press Your Luck board.

Play For Bucks or Pass to Play It Safe

When you play for the money you are given two options: play or pass. Playing gives you a chance to make some cash, however, if you hit one of the dreaded whammies, you lose all the money you've accumulated. You must wisely choose whether to play or pass, knowing that a whammy is a possible result for you and your competitors.

Some Nice Prizes

If you do elect to play a square box of light bounces around the game board and stops once you click the SPACEBAR. The box the light stops on is the prize you earn. Apart from the whammies good prizes consist of trips, instant cash prizes, and more spins. The object of the game is to be the competitor with the most money and least amount of whammies.

Two rounds of Trivia

After the first round of play you go through more trivia (varying in category), and have one more chance at the big money. The game is only two rounds long, so the winner after the second round of spinning is the champion. Winning allows you to keep your money, advance to the next level, and it unlocks wardrobe items that were previously unavailable.

Graphics and Sound Emulate the Game Show

The graphics and sound qualities of this game are great and very reflective of the actual game show. The host reads the questions (which is great for younger players), and is fully engaging. The whammies are interactive as well and the other players use dialogue that is popular in the game show.


Only One Game Mode

A few drawbacks of the game are its lack of depth. Yes, the game in and of itself is fun, however, there is only one game mode, which is the same throughout the whole game. Another slightly less annoying detail is with having to wait for answers to be read. There is no fast-forward button, so you have to wait it out, rather than quickly advancing through the game.

Conclusion - No Whammies In This Great Game

Overall, Press Your Luck is a great and engaging game. Building your own customizable avatar is a great upside, and the questions and strategic elements make this fun to play. If you are a fan of the televised version of the game you will love this. The graphics and audio qualities make it feel as though you are actually there. This game is great for anyone interested in Press Your Luck or game show type games. Because there is an important trivia element, this game may be too hard for younger players. However, if you are up for a challenge and want to press your luck to earn big bucks, this game is for you. NO WHAMMY!!!

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Fast Facts

  1. This edition of Press Your Luck was released on October 27, 2009.
  2. The game was developed by the Canadian company Ludia, Inc.
  3. Although this was the first Press Your Luck game to be made in recent years, a version for DOS was produced all the way back in 1988. A subsidiary of Ludia also made an adaptation of the game show for Facebook in 2012.
  4. Ludia has produced a wide variety of games based off of popular game shows, including Weakest Link & Friends, The Hollywood Squares, Family Feud: Decades, The Price is Right: 2010 Edition, and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.
  5. Press Your Luck is available for the PC, Nintendo DS, Wii, and Playstation 3.
  6. Although the original game show ended its run in 1986, it has maintained a cult audience. The Game Show Network continues to air reruns of it to this day.

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