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Draw your way through over 500 puzzles.

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strategy physics puzzle

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

A superior game, one of the very best in its category.


  • Fun and intuitive puzzles
  • Creative use of physics
  • Challenges add some nice variety


  • Graphics aren't the greatest
  • Some puzzles feel too similar




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Game Description

Time to Brighten Somebody's Day

If a cup that's half empty is enough to make you feel down, then you can only imagine how much of a downer a cup that's completely empty must be. Fortunately, it doesn't have to stay that way. Every sad little goblet just needs a little helping hand from our friend, dihydrogen monoxide, more commonly known as water. Fill it up, and you will have a very Happy Glass in the palm of your hands!


Take On Water

Gauging the mood of a cup is simple; it's sad when it's empty and gleeful when it's full. Therefore, it stands to reason that all you have to do to fix a depressed cup's mood is to fill it up with water. Should be easy, right? It's not. Pouring a cup of water in this game might very well be the trickiest thing you ever do in your life, or my name isn't Brian!

  • Draw lines and shapes to direct running water into the cup.
  • Keep the cup from falling over or spilling its precious liquid.
  • Watch out for moving blocks! Set up walls and ramps to keep them from obstructing your water.
  • Complete over 500 puzzles and collect over 1000 stars!

More Challenges Await!

If pouring water into a tumbler doesn't sound entirely like your cup of tea, then fear not! This app has a host of additional challenges waiting for you to complete.

  • Play Don't Spill! - Get the cup to the bottom of the screen without toppling it or spilling its water.
  • See how many times you can flip the cup upright.
  • Earn coins that can be used to buy hints in the main game.
  • And more!

A Game Half Full!


With this game, you'll have a chance to employ your puzzle-solving abilities like never before. By combining game physics with drawing mechanics, the app gives you the power to find and create your own solutions. Get it on your phone, and you'll feel smarter and happier.

Happy Glass Review

Happiness is a Full Cup

People aren't always the easiest things to read. Some see the vessel as half full and are upbeat and full of life. Others see it as half empty and tend to go by names like Negative Nancy or Bitter Brian. On the other hand, determining the mood of a cup is a whole lot easier, at least according to Happy Glass, a physics-based puzzle app made by our friends over at Crazy Games. If you've seen any screenshots or videos of the app in action, you may not be too enthralled by its flat and unoriginal visuals, but don't let first impressions fool you. This is a surprisingly fun and well-made game.


There's More than One Way to Fill a Cup with Water

The basic idea behind the game is simple. Just guide the water that pours out of the available faucet into the cup. You do this by drawing a line or a series of shapes using the touchscreen, and then let gravity do the rest. It's an easy enough premise to learn, and the app does a good job easing you into things for the first few levels, but it quickly becomes apparent that a lot of mileage can be squeezed out of these simple mechanics.

Some puzzles, most notable the ones found in the earlier stages of the game, can be solved easily by just drawing a downward slope to the cup in question, or making a wedge to serve as a ramp. However, this game steadily ups the ante the further on you go. Sometimes it will require you to fill two glasses simultaneously, meaning you need to find a way to evenly distribute the limited amount of water you're given between them. Other times, it'll throw moveable blocks or balls at you that can obstruct the water's flow, meaning you need to find a method to get them out of your way. Sometimes, there won't even be a floor underneath your poor cup, so you need to make one yourself, and eventually, you'll even have to navigate through spinning gears and heated pads to guide the water to its destination.

The Full and the Empty

There is a lot of variety to the puzzles you're given, but what's really great about this game is that the solutions are very open-ended. Drawing your solutions from scratch means there is no single solution for each puzzle; as long as you're able to fill all the cups up, it counts. You do get a better score the less ink you use, but even then, it still feels like there are plenty of optimal solutions.

If there is a quibble to be found here, it's that it can get repetitive at times. Often when it throws a new curveball at you, you'll go through a string of puzzles that seem to have the same solution, albeit with all the elements arranged differently on the screen. While it may serve the purpose of drilling the new mechanics into your head before putting you up against the tougher puzzles, it does get a little excessive. The difficulty level can also be sporadic; one puzzle can end up being a real head scratcher, but the dozen or so that come after it could end up being deceptively easy. It's not a big deal, but it is odd regardless.

More Fun to be Had

If there's one thing Crazy Games really deserves credit for, it's in realizing how much potential they had with the simple formula they developed. Using physics to guide water into a beaker may be the main attraction, but they can do a whole lot of other cool things too, which this app is very eager to take advantage of with its Challenge minigames. One involves deleting blocks one by one to guide a cup of water to the bottom of the screen without spilling anything. Another has you seeing how many times you can successfully flip the cup over after tossing it in the air. Challenges are not very in-depth, and they're still very much works-in-progress, but they're a fun distraction that come with the added benefit of scoring you some extra coins that can be used to buy additional hints in the main game.

Conclusion: Something to be Optimistic About


This game might not have the most stellar production values, and its level progression can be a tad inconsistent, but those are just a couple bubbles in the refreshing drink that this app really is. The mechanics are easy to grasp, most of the puzzles are smartly designed, there's a lot of variety to be found, and the whole package is just fun all around. No matter how the water flows, this app is definitely worth your time.

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