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Like Mahjong and Scrabble in 1 game!

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

A superior game, one of the very best in its category.


  • Great versus mode makes for a Scrabble style of game.
  • Great fusion of Mahjong and a word game.
  • Three game modes and 16 different Mahjong designs.
  • 'Wild' tiles are fun to earn and help with developing words.


  • Versus mode does not allow you to play a friend.




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Game Description

Word Jong blends 2 classic casual games into 1 - MahJong and word making! Sound interesting? It is incredibly catchy - especially versus mode that combines word making strategy that will remind you of a reverse Scrabble game.

Different Modes for Different Players


Word Jong is actually 3 different games in 1 using the same core concept of making words from a MahJong style game board.

In Link Mode, you make words using the last letter of the previous word you made. Your goal is to get a turtle from one side of river to another. The better words you make, the faster he moves. A cute and relaxing mode to play.

In the Classic Mode of Word Jong, you make words from a Mahjong board and try to clear as many puzzles as possible.

As you make words from the tiles, more letters will uncover for you to use. You can earn jade tiles that advance your score quicker and butterfly tiles that will act as wildcards to help you make better words.

Versus Mode - A Lot of Fun

Word Jong really shines in Versus Mode. You start with an easy opponent and go back and forth making words from the same Mah Jong board. You earn points when you make words, some letters giving more points similar to Scrabble. When you get 30 points ahead or have more points at the end of round 3, you win and earn Dragon coins to unlock new and tougher opponents and new Mah Jong tile sets.


This mode is very accessible to new players as the computer opponents start out fairly easy. The difficulty is increased gradually with each new opponent. Once you beat an opponent, he is unlocked and you can play against him again at any time. This mode really rewards those who like progress and improvement.

If you like mahjong style games and enjoy word puzzles, Word Jong is right up your alley. Give the free download a try and enjoy yourself with this fun and unique game!

Word Jong Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Dylan

Word Jong is a challenging and strategic word game that expands upon the tile game of Mahjong, in a word forming way. Each tile in the game has both a letter and a point value on it. You must click tiles to form words. Similar to Mahjong the layout differs level to level and only a handful of tiles are available for your use. Be creative and work to spell larger words to have success in this thought provoking game.

Various Game Modes

This game offers three game modes, including a really fun and competitive versus mode. The first mode, Link, is single player and has you playing against yourself. In Link you click on available Mahjong tiles to spell words. After spelling a word, your next word reuses the last letter from the previous word. For example, if “Cats” is your first word, your next word must start with an S. As you spell in Link mode a turtle advances across the water. The longer the words the farther the turtle moves. As the turtle swims in the water it collects butterflies, which earn you wild tiles (tiles that can be used for any letter), and it capture coins that boost your score. To win this game you must clear all the game tiles.


The second mode, Classic, is similar to Link. In this mode you spell words with the available tiles just like before. However this time, rather than move a turtle, different rewards are earned by spelling words of certain lengths. Initially a four-letter word might earn you a bonus. However, after spelling a few of these, the bonus advances to five or six-letter words. Again like in Link, Classic mode is won when all the tiles are used. 16 different lay-outs are available in both of these game styles.

Compete Against the Computer But Not Other People

Versus mode differs from the other two modes and is more competitive. In this you compete against computer players that increase in difficulty as you advance. Versus is similar to Scrabble, while maintaining the essence of Mahjong. In this you take turns with your competitor spelling words and removing tiles. Scoring is similar to the other modes. The more advanced your words are in both length and types of letters you use, the more points you receive. A pass button also exists in this mode which allows you to give up your turn if you are unable to figure out a letter. Passes are rewarded with a bonus point, so passing too often can be detrimental to your score. At the end of three rounds the competitor with the higher score wins. If you win you are rewarded with golden dragon coins that can be used to unlock new challengers.


Though versus mode is a lot of fun as is, an option to play different people online, or to play friends over a LAN connection would improve Word Jong immensely. Competing against the computer solely is fine, however, being able to test your skills against other competitors on the World Wide Web would open this game, making it less limiting.

Conclusion - Great Blend of Mahjong and Word Games

Overall, Word Jong's mahjong and word style of play makes this game super catchy. The versus mode is more than entertaining despite not having a multiplayer or online capabilities. This game is for anyone looking to improve their vocabulary, or for anyone interested in mahjong or word games. Be prepared to play for hours and hours because this game has strong addictive qualities. If you are interested in a fun and catchy word game, give this a try.

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Fast Facts

  1. Word Jong was first released on March 2, 2005.
  2. The game is the work of Gameblend Studios.
  3. Other games in the Word Jong series include Word Jong Arcade, Word Jong DS, Word Jong Party, Word Jong Blast, and Word Jong Daily Challenge.
  4. Other games made by Gameblend Studios include The Princess Bride, Poker of the Dead, Letter Landers, and Hidato Books.
  5. Word Jong is available for Windows and iOS systems. It can also be played on any browser.

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