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Governor of Poker

Become a Texas Tycoon by Winning Big at Texas Hold 'Em

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

A perfect game, playing this will send you to gaming heaven!


  • Unique combination of poker and a tycoon style game.
  • Computer opponents have 'tells' (ticks that let you know they are bluffing).
  • Realistic poker experience with bluffing, raises and all-ins.
  • Adjustable difficulty settings.


  • Buying houses doesn't help you earn all that much money ($4/week when $100 is the minimum entrance for a poker tournament).




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Game Description

Become a Texas Tycoon!

Trade your guns for Texas Hold 'Em in this Texas poker showdown! Can you become the governor of poker and buy all of Texas?

Enjoy endless Texas Hold 'Em in this colorful blend of poker and Monopoly-style real estate buying!


Play Poker to Earn Cash

You're the new face in town and it's time you showed everyone who's boss! Buy into Texas Hold 'Em games and put your skills to work. Play against seven other amusing characters and bet on your two cards and then on other community cards.

With the money you win you can buy houses and other buildings around town. Each building you own will earn you some money per week. Once you buy up the whole town you can move on to other towns like El Dorado, El Paso, San Antonio and more.

Great for All Gamers, Regardless of Skill

With three difficulty levels, this game is great for beginners, experts and everyone in between. If you want a break from real estate buying, there's a mode that just gives you straight poker.


This game has a great Texas atmosphere and amusing animated characters with effects like steam coming out of their ears when they get frustrated. Fans of poker and Monopoly won't want to miss this addicting game!

Do you have the Texas Hold 'Em skills to own Texas? Challenge yourself now with Governor of Poker!

Governor of Poker Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Mick

Governor of Poker is a great old-west themed poker game. Your goal is to win enough money to buy entire towns and move on to the next. You will play against a variety of computer opponents that each have their own habits and tells. You will be able to compete in tournaments or cash games to earn your way and own every city in Texas.

Start With Limited Resources and See How Far You Can Go

You begin with $600 and a house in San Saba, Texas, where the game of choice is of course Texas Hold 'em. Unfortunately Texas Hold 'em is the only game you can play. At first you will only be able to compete in tournaments that have prize money. After you have gained some reputation you will be able to compete in cash games where you can bet and win houses. After you have purchased all the houses you will have to find a way to the next town.


In the first town you will have to win a horse in a one vs one poker match against Ron Dixie, the best player in town. There are several computer opponents that you will have to play against and they each are unique in their play style. If you watch them all closely, you will be able to know when they are bluffing or have a hot hand.

Play Quick Poker or Campaign Mode

There are two ways to play Governor of Poker: Quick poker and the campaign mode. Quick poker puts you straight into the action and leaves out the property buying. The campaign lets you win money, buy properties and eventually own all of Texas. In all modes you can select the difficulty from easy to hard. This lets less experienced players learn the game and still have fun playing.

Each town will have a varying number of properties to buy. Properties generate small amounts of money every day to supplement your poker winnings. There are two ways to play poker in the campaign mode: tournaments or cash games. Tournaments require a buy in and that you remain until eliminated. The top finishers in the tournament win a cash prize, not the chips they were holding. Cash games can be left at any time and you will keep the chips you have. It is also possible to bet and win properties in a cash game.

Cool Claymation Graphics

The graphics in Governor of Poker are claymation in style. The overhead view of the table is funny because all you see of people is their large cowboy hats and arms. The graphics add a humorous aspect to the game. The sound is great, you can even hear background noise like you are really in an old-west saloon. All-in-all the developers did a great job with the graphics and sound, it really adds to the game experience.


Poker and Real Estate?

Buying houses is an interesting way to progress through the game but they really don't add much to the game. It is possible to bet houses but only at a reduced value. The money generated from houses is also minimal compared to the amount of money it takes to get into a poker match. It would have been nicer if the houses contributed a substantial amount of money towards playing poker in tournaments.

Conclusion - An Excellent Poker Game

Governor of Poker does a great job of presenting a poker game and adding a little extra to make it that much better. You can skip all the extra and play quick games or enjoy buying towns and taking over Texas. Different difficulty settings make it so poker players of all levels can play and learn. Anyone will find something they love about this great game. It is definitely worth the download and time to try it out.

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