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The Scruffs

Uncover the Family Secret and Save the Family Home in The Scruffs!

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

A superior game, one of the very best in its category.


  • Superb voice overs in quirky British accents and excellent animation.
  • Unique hint design in which Scruffy, the family dog, barks louder as the cursor approaches an object.
  • 20 chapters with several colorful locations to play per chapter.
  • Find all 15 family photos as each photo found triggers a delightful mini-game, 'Scribbles,' where you identify each scribble drawn on the photo in sequential order. Do so for every photo to uncover the family secret.
  • Photo based jigsaw puzzle at the end of each chapter reveals an artifact that must be found - the artifact could be located in any room in the chapter.


  • Dialogue can become cheesy at times, such as Dad muttering 'life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get...'
  • Although a new list is generated, objects remain in their original location each time the game is played which reduces the re-play appeal.
  • Photo based jigsaw puzzle to complete each chapter features large pieces and is too simple to complete.




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Game Description

Save the Scruff's Beloved Family Home!

Dear old dad has been sacked and the family's home is in jeopardy of being sold, when Grandpa Scruff swoops in with a solution - an elaborate scavenger hunt through the house in order to find valuable artifacts he has hidden. Grandpa didn't only hide artifacts though, he also has been keeping a shocking family secret which you can discover by finding all of the family portraits spread across the levels.

Join in on the fun with a set of charming characters, and their witty banter, as you make your way through 20 attractive locations and sift through thousands of items.


Seek-And-Find with Great Panache

The Scruffs starts out with elements of every good hidden object game with play revolving around locating miscellaneous articles scattered around the house. It then adds in some interesting twists, such as a unique hint system where you give the family dog, Scruffy, a treat and he barks more frequently when your cursor gets close to the hidden object.

It also mixes things up by dividing gameplay into chapters compromised of several locations, and once you finish all the locales you play a photo-based jigsaw puzzle mini-game which reveals a hidden artifacts which you must retrieve. The trick is that this hidden artifact may be in the last room you completed or it may be in one of the several other rooms from that chapter.

Entertaining and Family Friendly

The Scruffs presents a hidden object game which is both exceptional and inventive. It adds in some superb production values, chief among them are the great British voice-overs. Their high quality and quirky vocals draw you in and the strong game elements keep you there.


With cartoon-style animations and a compelling, family friendly story, The Scruffs gives you hours of hilarious fun. Put your searching skills to the test and see if you can uncover the Scruff family secret.

If you're a fan of hidden object games, add The Scruffs to your list today!

The Scruffs Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Sara

Help the Scruffs save their home by finding rare artifacts hidden in the house while enjoying the fantastic cartoon-style animation and listening to the delightful British accents of each family member.


Although the dialogue does have a tendency to become a bit cheesy, such as lovable dad quoting Forest Gump, overall the quirky family animation scenes are fun and entertaining.


Plenty of Objects to Find

With 20 chapters to play and multiple vibrant locations to sift for items in each chapter, this game ensures hours of enjoyable hidden object hunting. Objects unfortunately do not move each time a location is played, but there are enough objects in each room to play several times and still expect a challenge. “Scribbles” is a one-of-a-kind mini-game that challenges and stimulates your memory.

Another unique feature is Scruffy's help finding objects. To entice him to bark you must feed him a treat, beginning with three treats each chapter with extra hidden treats hidden in each room.

Conclusion - A Well Done Hidden Object Game

The Scruffs is a well designed game that entices audiences with a lovable family story-line and excellent graphics, ultimately offering hours of fun for the whole family.

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Gameplay Video

Watch highlights from the game including some hidden object searching footage, the family photo scribbling mini-game, and the unique hint system utilizing the family dog, Scruff.

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