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Dr. Cares - Pet Rescue 911 Platinum Edition

Dr. Cares - Pet Rescue 911 Platinum Edition Review

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  • Many different tasks to complete
  • Compelling challenges
  • Fun storyline
  • Really cute visuals
  • Best played in short doses




Game Description

Ever wanted to care for sick animals? Dr. Cares - Pet Rescue 911 allows you to live out that dream. Predictably, things don't always go to plan but there's plenty of fun to be had in this charming time management game.

Moving on up


Fresh out of veterinary school, you play Amy, a woman who adores caring for animals. Keen to improve the lives of all furry critters, you're taken through many different levels and scenarios. Starting out in Arthur's Clinic as a newbie, you work your way up to Critical Care, an animal shelter, and even horse stables.

So much to do

  • Enjoy 60 different levels of time management fun
  • Compete in 30 challenges, requiring different tasks
  • Collect trophies to show off what you've accomplished
  • Participate in fun mini games, and chase the pesky rogue mice

A caring profession

  • Fix broken teeth in poorly animals
  • Pull out thorns and glass from paws
  • Cut claws and trim fur from unkempt critters
  • Stitch up wounds and hunt down fleas

Taking care of business

There's lots to do in the life of an aspiring veterinarian. Amy has to trim the nails of pets, carefully remove thorns from their paws, and much, much more. Some of the time, you'll even be pampering them by shampooing them or cutting loose bits of fur from them. Other times, you'll be setting them up with fun toys to enjoy and play with.

Expect to be drawn in by the cute cutscenes that help the story unfold. You'll find yourself completing additional tasks like maintaining the drip on a sickly dog, or simply applying for more jobs within the veterinary field. It's all part of the charming and varied experience at Dr. Cares - Pet Rescue 911.

Dr. Cares - Pet Rescue 911 Platinum Edition Review

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With a focus on caring for animals and reacting quickly, Dr. Cares - Pet Rescue 911 is a delightfully charming time management game. You play Amy, a new graduate from veterinary school, who's desperate to show off her skills and cure many different sickly animals. Her adventures take her from a humble veterinary clinic to Critical Care, an animal shelter, horse stables, and even a grooming salon. It's a varied time for the young aspiring veterinarian.

It's a dog's life

In all, there are 90 levels - 60 story based stages alongside 30 optional challenges. At first, you're simply curing animals of minor ailments. Rushing over to grab a stethoscope before testing a cute dog is a common occurrence. Another time, you might need to be a little more hands-on by combining a syringe with the right medication, but it's simple stuff.

Gradually though, more procedures are unlocked. Feeling a lot like a medical simulation, you might be required to take some tweezers and pluck out a thorn or piece of glass from an injured paw. Another time, fleas might need to be destroyed, or wounds might need stitching. Dr. Cares - Pet Rescue 911 does a great job of gradually introducing these new things so that it always feels like there's something new to learn.

Cleaning up

Dr. Cares - Pet Rescue 911 isn't just about caring for sick animals either. Sometimes, you need to groom them too. This is done through activities such as shampooing them or trimming their fur so they look neater. In each case, you might be queuing up the actions to maintain order, but the difference here (compared to other time management games) is that you also get to interact directly with the poor pooch or cat. It's a fun twist on a familiar format and it means you feel more in control of what's unfolding.

Besides the wealth of different tasks, there are also some great challenges. These are optional but allow you to earn extra money and stars for a job well done. Typically, you're going about a regular day while also having to complete additional tasks such as scaring away a rogue mouse a number of times or clearing away trash quickly. It's not hugely different from the regular levels but it'll keep you interested. Your reward of more money is immensely useful when it comes to buying upgrades too, which in turn makes regular story based levels easier to traverse.

Charmingly cute

Throughout, you get to enjoy some really quite cute visuals and a fun storyline too. Each animal looks loveable and charming, while the storyline keeps you interested in caring for them all as well as working your way up within the veterinarian field. Cutscenes might be quite short but they're the perfect length to keep you happy. You'll get to learn lots about Amy as well as the people that form part of her life.

The only real issue behind Dr. Cares - Pet Rescue 911 is that due to its nature, you'll enjoy it most in relatively short doses. If you try to throw yourself in for hours at a time, things will seem too much like busywork rather than fun. After a time, you might find yourself relying on instincts rather than truly absorbing what you're doing. However, if you tackle 4-5 levels at a time, it's a blast, and far more satisfying.


For the most part, Dr. Cares - Pet Rescue 911 is a lot of fun. It could have been tedious, but its wide variety of different tasks and ailments ensures you'll be consistently interested. It keeps things light meaning you don't have to worry about blood or anything terrible happening to a pet, but you'll still feel like you're making a difference. The real joy comes from being able to actually complete certain forms of surgery, bringing good health to a cute animal. What more could you want than the satisfaction of a job well done?

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