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  • Simple drag and drop gameplay means anyone can get into the action
  • Replay over and over to better your score and compare against others
  • Wide variety of levels, obstacles, and goo balls (the building blocks of the puzzle)
  • Ability to undo moves and skip levels makes the game more forgiving
  • Visual and audio combine perfectly to help form the dark cartoon atmosphere
  • Drag and drop controls can be too slow at times
  • Difficult to select a specific goo ball (to build or remove a structure)
  • Too easy to accidentally click 'Time Bugs'and undo moves
  • Dark setting and colors sometimes make it difficult to see goo balls
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World of Goo Fast Facts

  1. World of Goo was released on October 13, 2008.
  2. The game was developed and published by an independent company called 2D Boy.
  3. Currently, World of Goo is a standalone title and the only product that 2D Boy has to its name.
  4. World of Goo is available for Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, iOS and Android systems. It can also be played on the Nintendo Wii.
  5. World of Goo sold over a million units from the App Store alone during its first year.
  6. The game has won many prestigious accolades. It was designated as the 'Best Independent Game' on the Spike TV Video Game Awards show and was given the awards for 'Design Innovation' and 'Technical Excellence' by the 2008 Independent Games Festival.

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