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  • Superb voice overs in quirky British accents and excellent animation.
  • Unique hint design in which Scruffy, the family dog, barks louder as the cursor approaches an object.
  • 20 chapters with several colorful locations to play per chapter.
  • Find all 15 family photos as each photo found triggers a delightful mini-game, 'Scribbles,' where you identify each scribble drawn on the photo in sequential order. Do so for every photo to uncover the family secret.
  • Photo based jigsaw puzzle at the end of each chapter reveals an artifact that must be found - the artifact could be located in any room in the chapter.
  • Dialogue can become cheesy at times, such as Dad muttering 'life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get...'
  • Although a new list is generated, objects remain in their original location each time the game is played which reduces the re-play appeal.
  • Photo based jigsaw puzzle to complete each chapter features large pieces and is too simple to complete.

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