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Snood Fast Facts

  1. Snood was originally released in 1996.
  2. The game was developed by an independent developer named David M. Dobson. However, different companies have been responsible for porting Snood to various platforms. Gravity-i made the Game Boy Advance version, while Dreamhive made the iOS game.
  3. Snood has one direct sequel named Snood 2: On Vacation. Besides that, it has a couple of spin-offs called Snooduko and Snood Towers.
  4. Outside of Snood, Dobson has developed one other small project named CrossWits!
  5. Snood has been made available for DOS, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, PC, Mac, Palm OS, iPhone, iPod Touch, and mobile phone platforms.
  6. Snood had a few big-name fans, including bestselling author Michael Crichton, famous playwright and screenwriter Nora Ephron, and co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak.
  7. Snood had been downloaded 4 million times before it was even ported to the Game Boy Advance.
  8. In 2004, Snood won the award for 'Best Action/Arcade Game' by the Shareware Industry Awards.
  9. In 2001, Snood was discovered to have 1.5 million unique users, making it the ninth most played game of that year.

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