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  • The added variety of three different episodes and an Xmas crazy pack lets you fight in some very different locations, such as deserts, stormy grasslands, wintry mountain ranges, and even in space
  • Unlock guns as you progress through each episode and get to use a handful of rapid fire weapons such as a B17's machine gun, gattling guns, rapids small missile launchers, and the all powerful rocket launcher
  • The action can get a bit repetitive since you are pretty much only shooting aircraft out of the sky before they can destroy certain objectives, such as a fleet of boats, your wing of bombers, the buildings within your base, or a futuristic portal
  • Each level has one specific weapon so there isn't much strategy involved in keeping track of ammo or swapping weapons during a mission

Gunner 2 Fast Facts

  1. Gunner 2 was released on December 9, 2002.
  2. The game was developed and published by Warlock Studio.
  3. The games in the Gunner series include this one and its predecessor.
  4. Other games made by Warlock Studio include World War II Tail Gunner, Flight for Fight, Jet Jumper, and Mr. Cool Ball.
  5. Gunner 2 is available for Windows PC platforms.
  6. Gunner 2 has been widely praised for the variety of weapons, enemies and strategies that each of its distinct episodes offer.
  7. The game has been downloaded over three hundred-thousand times off of CNET alone.

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