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  • Similar Risk-style gameplay is both fun and addictive, plus the addition of nearly hundreds of new maps changes things up a bit
  • Computer controlled characters have distinct levels of nastiness, paranoia, and aggression which dictates if they are bold, placid, or even kind
  • Adjustable levels of intelligence for the computer, from very clever to very stupid
  • Charts and graphs provide statistical data on how you played
  • Bland graphics and battle animations

Conquest Fast Facts

  1. Computerized editions of Conquest have been made since the '80s, but this one was released in 2001.
  2. Though the Conquest board game is currently owned by Numbskull Games, this computerized edition was the work of an independent coder named Sean O'Conner.
  3. O'Conner has several games under his belt, including Slay, Mother of All Battles, Critical Mass, Football-o-saurus, and Topple.
  4. This version of Conquest can be played on the PC, Pocket PC, iPhone and iPod Touch.
  5. Modders have created over 350 maps for this version of Conquest.

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