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  • Unique and interesting farming theme
  • Drive authentic John Deere machines
  • Grow and harvest crops on your own farm
  • Take on a host of realistic jobs for other farmers
  • Detailed and realistic simulation game
  • Working on big fields can get boring
  • Little difference between the various jobs
  • Game can be short with only a limited number of jobs to do and machines to buy
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John Deere - DG Fast Facts

  1. John Deere: Drive Green was released on February 9, 2008.
  2. It was made by the Indianapolis-based developer, Gabriel Entertainment.
  3. Other entries in the John Deere series of games include American Farmer, North American Farmer, American Builder Deluxe, Harvest in the Heartland, Welcome to Merriwather Farms, and Busy Days in Deerfield Valley.
  4. Gabriel Entertainment has also produced Rock Tour, Caterpillar Construction Tycoon, Super Stunt Spectacular, Ride! Carnival Tycoon, and the Robot Arena series.
  5. John Deere: Drive Green is available for Windows systems.
  6. Drive Green is the fifth official game in the John Deere series, which has been described as 'addictive' by Nintendo World Report thanks to its intuitive controls and variety in gameplay.

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