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  • Free roam allows exploration of the map.
  • Customizable controls let each player fine tune for their preferred style.
  • Several different areas to explore keeps the game interesting.
  • Main menu isn't clear about the options available.
  • No difficulty settings.
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Driver Fast Facts

  1. Driver was released in June 1999
  2. The game was developed by Reflections Interactive, Limited.
  3. It was published by GT Interactive Software
  4. Driver was originally released for PlayStation and Windows
  5. Versions were released for the Mac and Game Boy Color in 2000
  6. Mobile-friendly versions of Driver were released for the iPhone (2009) and PS Vita (2012)
  7. The game is the first in a series of driving simulations. Other games in the series include Driver 2 (2000); Driv3r (2004); Driver: Parallel Lines (2006); Driver '76 (2007); and Driver: San Francisco (2011)
  8. Inspiration for the game came from two movies; The Driver (1978) and Driver (1993)
  9. Additional inspiration came from the '70's classic TV series Starsky and Hutch
  10. Antonio Fargas, who played Huggy Bear in Starsky and Hutch, took part in the UK advertising campaign for Driver
  11. PC Gamer (Germany) awarded Driver the 'Best Racing Sim' award for 1999
  12. The physics engine occasionally produces glitches which lets cars fly hundreds of feet into the air!
  13. Reflections Interactive was founded in 1984. It's most famous for the Destruction Derby and Driver series. Ubisoft acquired the studio in 2006

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