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Virtual Villagers 3 Strategy Guide – Puzzle 9 Solution

Virtual Villagers 3 – The Secret City
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Puzzle 9 – The Statue
To solve this puzzle you will need to reach tech Level 3 Restoration, Level 3 Leadership, have a tribal chief, a Master Builder, and a completed bath (solved Puzzle 8).

First thing to do is drop the Master Builder on the chalkboard (which will be blank after the bath is completed), and he/she will draw up plans for the statue.

Next, drag an adult villager other than a nursing mom up the path to the door until he/she “Sees a good place to anchor the statue”. This villager is more likely to be successful if he/she has some building skill. That villager will then build scaffolding to help anchor the statue. Your chief must direct work on the statue, so drop him/her on the statue to begin this process. If the chief stops directing the work, then progress will halt until the chief returns to his/her duties.

Once the chief is directing, you can then drop builders on the statue to help push the statue. The villagers must push the statue up the path towards the door. This take will take several hours. You can click on the statue to bring up a timer in the status bar that will help you determine how long is left – but this time depends on how many builders you have working on the project and may increase if builders leave the project. Your builders may occasionally complain that “there is no more room to help out” as only a limited number of builders can work on the statue at any given time.

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