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Puzzle 10 - The Orchard

You should plant your first seed as soon as the game starts: this first seed is located next to the ruined lift. Just drop one of your adult villagers on this seed and he/she will plant it.

To get the next two seeds, you will need to have completed Puzzle 6 (The Lift). As soon as a rain storm starts, place an adult villager other than a nursing mom on the lift (his/her action line should read "Standing on the Lift"). Leave the villager there until the lift reaches its highest point and then a seed will fall from the tree above. Drop the villager on the seed to plant it. You will need to plant a total of 3 seeds (the original plus two from the lift) to complete the orchard. The puzzle will be completed once all three trees have become mature (and start producing fruit - it takes about 8 hours on "normal" speed for the tree to mature). Additional seeds (beyond the first three) will not be planted, but will instead be placed in the food bin.

Note: If you have trouble getting to the lift before it starts to go up, you may wish to pause the game with the spacebar when you see the rain start before finding a villager. You will need to unpause the game to see their status line to make sure they are properly placed.

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