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Puzzle 13 - The Ash Key

Later in the game (after at least 60 hours of fire burn time), you will notice sparkles coming from the fire. Drop an adult villager on the rightmost of the two waterfalls (where they go to drink and do laundry) to help put the fire out (you will have to do this 3-4 times); you can also let the fire go out on its own. A diamond will appear in the ashes. The diamond will be too hot to pick up initially (it was in a fire, don't forget). To cool the key, drop adult villagers on the waterfall. They will gather water and drop it on the key. They will need to do this more than once (5 or 6 times) to make the diamond cool enough to touch - your villagers won't repeat this task on their own, so you will have to make them do it by dropping them on the waterfall. When the villagers no longer bring water to the fire (they'll revert to drinking from the waterfall when you drop them on it), drop a villager on the key - they will take it to the door and solve the puzzle. You will need to repeat this step if they drop the key before reaching the door.

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