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  • 3-D game board that shows your pieces moving and fighting for you.
  • 2-D game board incorporated on the screen to make the game easy to see and play.
  • 10 different arenas (game boards) ranging from the Desert to the Forest and Ruins.
  • Rules of chess are clearly stated.
  • Tutorial does not give advice or teach you strategy.
  • Online mode is an option, but there is not a strong user base so finding a game is nearly impossible.
  • Even on an easy setting the computer opponent was pretty difficult.
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War Chess Fast Facts

  1. War Chess was released on October 7, 2004.
  2. The game was developed by the Quebec-based developer of Artificial Mind and Movement, which is now called Behavior Interactive.
  3. Other games by Behavior Interactive include WET, Naughty Bear, Doritos Crash Course, and Brave: The Video Game.
  4. War Chess was released for the PC and Playstation 2.
  5. This game has been downloaded from CNET over 30 thousand times.
  6. Chess is one of the oldest and most widely-played games in the entire world. The earliest known variant was called chaturanga and it can be dated back to sixth century India.

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