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How To Create a Video Game Site That Makes Money

Ever thought about starting a computer or video game website and actually making some money from it? You may be surprised how easy it is to set up a website.  We show you everything you need to know in the step by step instructions below!

Steps to creating a game website:


Step 1 – How to Choose a Domain Name

A domain name is the address (or url) of your website – (i.e. www.download-free-games.com or www.gamespot.com).  Domain names typically match in some way whatever you are going to call your website.

For example, if you wanted your site to be about first person shooter games, and you wanted to call the site something like “Awesome First Person Shooters”, you might try to register a domain name like – www.awesomefirstpersonshooters.com.  Or, if you wanted to talk about a lot of different games, you might call it something like “The Best Games in the World” and try to get a domain like – www.bestgamesintheworld.com.  Just make sure whatever you are calling your site makes sense and is broad enough to cover whatever it is you want to put on your site.

Tips for Selecting a Domain Name

Once you have some ideas for a domain name, the next thing you need to do is register it.  Registering reserves the domain for your use (and your use only).  Registering costs a yearly fee.  There are two ways to register a domain name:

What Happens if the Domain Name I Want Isn’t Available?

Since only one person or company can use a particular domain name at a time, you may discover that the domain name you want isn’t available.  In that case, try these strategies:

Step 2 – Get a Web Host

Once you have a domain name, you will need a web host.  A web host manages the server your domain will be located on. You could get a free web host (like WordPress.com), but many, like WordPress.com, won’t let you put advertising on your site.  That is NOT a good idea if you want to make money with your web site.

So how do you pick a web host?  There are three things we recommend looking for:

Managing a domain name on a web host can be confusing since some are made to tailor to webmasters that are very experienced and want to control everything themselves.  If you are new to this, we highly recommend not getting a host like that.  You really need something that is easy to use as possible.

So what is a good choice given the above criteria?  We recommend BlueHost.  They have hosting plans that are very low cost, are used by thousands of webmasters, and setting up WordPress (the free blogging/website software we will recommend and show you how to set up) takes only a few minutes!

BlueHost has a few different hosting plans to choose from.  Just choose the cheapest one.  You don’t want to spend a ton of money right now and you don’t need a lot of features when just starting out.  So just choose a cheap plan that amounts to a few bucks a month.

If you go with BlueHost, you will be able to register a domain name for free for one year when you sign up (which is a nice bonus to save some money).  It is also nice to have the same company handle your web hosting and domain registration.

Step 3 – Set Up WordPress

WordPress is an easy to use, and free, blogging and website software technology that we highly recommend you use for your new web site.  It is by far the most popular in the world and there are a ton of free and low cost add ons you can use with it to add functionality and improve the look (we will get into that later).

Setting up WordPress on a BlueHost account is SUPER EASY!  In fact, it can be done in just a few minutes. Here’s how.

Once it is installed, you will be given a special WordPress login url on your domain where you can login directly to WordPress.  From inside the WordPress Admin area, you can change the look of your site, start publishing pages, and install add ons to increase the functionality of WordPress.

Step 4 – Make Your Site Look Good

If you have followed our directions so far, changing the look of your WordPress gaming site will be very easy.  You do this by installing “themes”.  Themes control the look and layout of your WordPress pages.  There are many themes that are available for free.  Here is how to change your default WordPress theme;

  1. LogIn to WordPress
  2. In the left column, hover your mouse over “Appearance” and click on the “Themes” option
  3. Click “Add New Theme”.  This will bring up a screen where you can see Featured, Popular, etc.  Hover over one you like and click “Install”
  4. Go back to your “Themes” page.  Hover over the one you installed and click “Activate”.  The theme is now active on your site.

Step 5 – Start Writing!

Now you can start adding posts to your game blog website.  But before you do, here are some ideas of what to write about or other things to put on your site.

Step 6 – Make Money!

This is what you’ve been waiting for!  Once you have a decent amount of content on your gaming blog, you can start making money.  Here are some ways:

Those are just some of the ways you can make money with a game website.  If you are passionate and can create website content that is of high value to others, you just may be able to make a nice bit of cash from it!

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by Jim Rosenquist

Posted on Oct 30, 2014

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