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We've put together a growing collection of resources below for parents, educators, media and anyone who wants to know more about computer games and how they can offer educational benefits for both the academy and for life. As thousands have discovered, games can offer a high level of educational value along with a fun experience to help motivate players of all kinds to enjoy learning.

  • Spanish Help: Online Games and Lessons – Master list of games that help teach Spanish to anyone who wants to learn. Excellent for learning the basics and having fun at the same time.
  • Video Game Rating System – Learn about the ESRB video game rating system, why it was created, and what the ratings mean.  Key resource for parents, educators, and anyone who needs an overview of the system.
  • Language Arts Games for Kids – Some games combine fun and key learning tools.  Here is a master resource for games designed to helps kids with spelling, vocabulary, and rhyming.
  • SAT/ACT Learning Games – These games can help prepare students to take the SAT and ACT exams by focusing on improving vocabulary, definitions, synonyms and other related skills to improve scores on these standardized tests.
  • Health and Medical Games for Kids – These fun and educational games help kids learn the value of healthy foods, the role of calcium and other nutrients for the body, the importance of physical activity and more.
  • Unity Games: Team Building Exercises for Kids – Some simple team building exercises using common household items you can do with children to help teach them how to work as a group.