I Zombie Endless Strategy Guide - How to Get a 10 Streak in I Zombie Endless

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I Zombie Endless Strategy Guide

You've bravely fought the zombies with your plant defenses. Now you get to take a crack at being the zombies. This I, Zombie Endless guide will help you make it past the 10 streak mark and beyond.

First things first - You know your plant defenses inside and out. But how well do you know the zombies?

I, Zombie Endless puzzle in Plants vs. Zombies gives you a selection of the zombie hoard to command. Here is a run down of your undead soldiers and their strengths and weaknesses. The graphic shows how much sun they cost.

Your Undead Soldiers

Imp - Can take damage of walking over 1 Spikeweed and that is it. Use against non-attacking plants, to trigger 1 Shot 1 Kill plants (i.e. Squash, Potato Mine, Chomper) and to get the brain at the end of the row if there are no attackers or a single Spikeweed.

Conehead Zombie - Good against light defenses like a single Pea Shooter, or 2 Puff Shrooms. Kernel Pults deep in a row can be a problem if other defenses are present. Can be used as a cheap shield to help protect weak zombies like Dancing Zombies.

Pole Vaulting Zombie - Good for speed and jumping over threats like Chompers. Fairly weak. Useful for quick strikes against targets deeper in a row or to retrieve a brain when Coneheads or Imps won't work.

Bungee Zombie - Use against Magnet-Shrooms if Umbrella Leaves aren't protecting and no cheaper way can take them out. Use sparingly due to high cost of taking out 1 plant.

Digger Zombie - Use against rows with forward facing defenses that are too tough for single Coneheads, Bucketheads, or Football Zombies. Watch out for Potato Mines, Squash, more than 1 Spikeweed and Starfruit and Threepeaters in other rows. Magnet Shroom can grap pick from 2 rows away and cause Digger to surface.

Ladder Zombie - Never used this much. Good at getting over Wall-Nuts. Ladder is good defense but Football Zombie is almost always a better choice. Magnet Shroom can grab ladder from 2 rows away.

Football Zombie - Use against rows of Pea Shooters, Repeaters, and other strong defenses. Magnet Shroom can grab helmet from 2 rows away. Pea Shooters and Korn Pults at end of rows might be a problem if other strong defenses are present.

Dancing Zombie - Good for clearing out more than 1 row if Michael Jackson zombie can be protected. Watch out for more than 1 Spikeweed, Starfuit, Threepeaters and Fume Shrooms. Place Michael in cleared out rows or rows where he will survive and ground zombies in adjacent rows can trigger 1 Shot 1 Kill defenses (i.e. Squash, Potato Mines, Chompers).

I, Zombie Endless - Step By Step Guide to Consuming Plant Defenses

Example 1 - You'll start the game with plant defenses looking something like this. We've circled what we call "High Priority" defenses like Magnet Shrooms, Threepeaters, and Starfruit. These should be taken out relatively early.

  • Step 1 - Taking out the Magnet Shroom in row 5 is a priority. Send either 1-2 Coneheads or a Pole Vaulting Zombie and a Conehead at the same time against row 5 to clear the row. The Pole Vaulter can jump the Sunflower and quickly take out the first Split Pea.
  • Step 2 - Send a Buckethead to clear row 2.
  • Step 3 - Snow Peas make frontal attacks more difficult. Send Diggers at rows 1 & 3. Imps will be able to grab the brains.
  • Step 4 - A single Conehead can clear row 4 and send you to the next level.

Example 2 - As you progress there will be fewer Sunflowers to refill your bank account.

  • Step 1 - High priority targets are circled. Take out the Magnet Shroom in row 4 with a Conehead. He won't be able to clear the entire row but that is OK.
  • Step 2 - Send a Digger at row 2 to take out the Threepeater and Starfruit. An Imp can then grab the brain.
  • Step 3 - A Buckethead can clear row 1.
  • Step 4 - A Digger can clear row 5 and set up an Imp to grab the brain. 2 Coneheads are slightly cheaper but you never know how much a Korn Pult will slow them down over a Spikeweed.
  • Step 5 - Row 3 is tricky due to the Squash. You are going to lose at least 1 zombie. Send a Conehead to take the Sunflower and trigger the Squash. 1 more Conehead will clear the row and you are ready to move on.

Example 3 - This is a Starfruit type map that comes up occasionally. The cleared spaces had Starfruit

  • Step 1 - Send Bucketheads at rows 1 & 3 as they both had 3 Starfruit. Clearning rows with the most Starfruit are the priority.
  • Step 2 - You can either send Bucketheads to clear the other rows or try to do it with a Conehead if enough Starfruit are cleared from other rows.

Example 4 - Crap - this is a wicked defense! This is a Fume Shroom map that doesn't come up often. It could be costly if you don't plan well. The Magnet Shrooms in every row rule out Bucketheads, Football Zombies, Diggers, and Ladder Zombies. The Fume Shrooms will shred Dancing Zombies. That leaves you with the weaker Zombie options. Each row can be viewed individually as you will never clear out enough Magnet Shrooms for the tougher zombies. What to do? Send in the Coneheads - but only one at a time as Fume Shrooms can shoot through zombies and damage 2 at once.

  • Step 1 - Row 2 is the weakest. A Conehead should be able to make it to the end.
  • Step 2 - It's a toss up but row 4 actually seems the next weakest due to the Fume Shrooms at the front of the row. Those will get eaten first. Send a Conehead.
  • Step 3 - Rows 1 & 5 are about the same. 1 or 2 Coneheads on each should do it.
  • Step 4 - Row 3 is the last standing. A Bungee on the Magnet Shroom and then a Buckethead would do it but that would cost 250. 3 Coneheads sent 1 at a time cost 225 and will do the job.

Example 5 - This is a tricky one. Row 3 is a priority as the Magnet Shroom protects the entire map. An Umbrella protects the Magnet Shroom from Bungee attack. A Chomper protects the start of the row. What to do?

  • Step 1 - Send a Pole Vaulter at row 3. He will jump the Chomper and take out the Sunflower. The Snow Pea is a problem. Send another Pole Vaulter. The first will block some of the Snow Pea's attack and help the second Vaulter clear the row.
  • Step 2 - Send a Digger at row 5 followed by an Imp when the defenses are clear.
  • Step 3 - Repeat Step 2 on row 1.
  • Step 4 - Send an Imp at row 4 to trigger and clear the squash. A Conehead should be able to clear the rest of the row.
  • Step 5 - Send a Conehead at row 2. He will clear the first 2 plants and trigger the Potato Mine. Follow with a Pole Vaulter to jump the Pea Shooter and clear the row.

We hope these examples provide helpful ways to think about clearing common obstacles. The above examples were all part of a 13 Streak romp. We made a few mistakes along the way that possibly would have allowed a 14th level to be cleared but it would have been tough. Now it's your turn!

10 Essential I, Zombie Endless Tips

  1. Get at least 1,000 sun going into Level 2. If not, start over.
  2. Digger and Imp combos are inexpensive ways to clear rows. Total cost = 175
  3. Get rid of Magnet Shrooms, Starfruit, and Threepeaters as soon as possible.
  4. Use Zombie shields to protect a main attack. Coneheads make inexpensive shields.
  5. Do calculations before buying - what is the cheapest way to handle a situation? When in doubt clear easy rows first to help you think.
  6. Factor in Dancing Zombies at 350 sun as an option to clear multiple rows
  7. Pole Vaulters and Coneheads make cheap combos to attack a row where it makes sense.
  8. Watch out for Korn Pults & Snow Peas at the end of a row. They can make weak defenses much stronger with their slow down attacks.
  9. Strong plant in front + weak in back = good for a Pole Vaulter.
  10. Sunflowers yield 200 sun. Factor these into your cost calculations.