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  • Turn based play lets you focus on words without feeling the pressure of time.
  • Longer and more difficult words bring about bonus turns.
  • Scores posted online.
  • Challenging cross between hangman and a puzzle word game.
  • Only one difficulty setting.
  • The red disks are hard on your eyes.
  • Only one game mode.
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Flip Words Fast Facts

  1. Flip Words was released on June 9, 2004.
  2. The game was developed by HipSoft LLC.
  3. Currently, it only has one sequel called Flip Words 2.
  4. HipSoft is a company that mainly specializes in casual games. A few examples of their work include Jig Words, MicroMan, Ocean Express, Gem Shop, Five Card Deluxe, and the Build-a-lot series.
  5. Flip Words is available for Windows, Mac OSX and iOS systems.

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