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  • Seamless 3D world that is uncommon among point and click adventure games.
  • Realistic tasks that mimic actual survival methods included gathering food, constructing shelter, and averting death.
  • Multiple modes of play increases overall value.
  • Full tutorial mode as well as helpful hints during adventure mode.
  • Keyboard based controls may be initially confusing to players not accustomed to hot keys.
  • Graphics themselves are not particularly vibrant.
  • Some wildlife opponents confusing, namely rogue lions out of their natural habitat.
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Stranded 2 Fast Facts

  1. Stranded 2 was released on June 20, 2007.
  2. Stranded 2 was developed by Unreal Software.
  3. The only other game so far in the Stranded series is the first one.
  4. Currently, Unreal Software's only titles belong to the Stranded series.
  5. Stranded 2 is available for PC.
  6. Stranded's designer, Peter Schauß, decided to make a sequel after the first game proved to be a surprise hit. He set about making it more complex and gave users more opportunities to mod the game.

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