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FlightGear Fast Facts

  1. FlightGear Flight Simulator's earliest stable release date was on July 17, 1997.
  2. FlightGear began as a freelance project by an independent developer named David Murr. It has since gone on to become a large open-source project put together by a great number of volunteers.
  3. This flight simulator is freely available for Windows, Mac and Linux systems.
  4. Modders have produced over 400 different kinds of aircraft that can be downloaded outside of the main package. They include a variety of commercial airplanes, biplanes, fighter jets, helicopters, and Zeppelin airships.
  5. FlightGear has been used as a research tool by a wide variety of professional and educational organizations, including India's Aeronautical Development Agency, Buffalo's Veridian Engineering Division, Pennsylvania State University's Department of Aerospace Engineering, and even NASA.
  6. FlightGear is considered to be such a good flight simulator, that it has been directly used as a source for several commercial products like Flight Pro Sim and Pro Flight Simulator.

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