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Learning can and should be fun. There are lots of great games that can teach you about many different subjects such as science, math and language arts. The area of language arts includes both reading and writing skills. It is very important to know how to read and write so you can communicate well with other people. The purpose of this guide is to provide you with links to great educational games for a variety of ages that focus on the alphabet, spelling, vocabulary and rhyming.

Alphabet Games

  • PBS Kids:
    PBS Kids offers lots of fun alphabet games featuring beloved Sesame Street characters as well as Clifford the Big Red Dog and others.

  • Primary Games:
    The website is very colorful and filled with games such as "Alphattack" and "Eat Your Words."

  • Nick Jr.:
    "The Alphabet With Face" is a fun alphabet game for kids ages three to six with the character Face.

  • Fun English Games:
    The website has the game "Alphabet Soup" involves making words from falling letters.

  • Learning Planet:
    "Alphabet Action" is a good game for young kids which teaches letters and has cute pictures as well.

  • Disney Jr.:
    "Stanley's Alphabet Adventure" features the cute show character of Stanley and you match letters of the alphabet with animals that begin with that letter.

  • Starfall:
    This is a great activity for very young kids where they will learn the alphabet and vowels as well as counting.

Spelling Games

  • Word Game Time:
    The website offers "Hangman" which is a fun guessing game that involves spelling.

  • Mr. Russbaum:
    "Spellerz" is a great game that combines spelling and typing and can be altered according to grade level.

  • Funbrain:
    "Spell-a-Roo" is a great game on the website that features a kangaroo and can be played at a beginner or intermediate level.

  • Many Things:
    The website offers many fun games that focus on spelling and typing.

  • ABC Ya:
    The site offers many different fun learning games for kids in kindergarten to fifth grade which include "Spelling Bees."

  • Academic Skill Builders:
    The site offers lots of great spelling and learning games such as "Turtle Dash" where you try to spell words correctly to power your cute turtle.

  • Fun 4 the Brain:
    "The Magic e Adventures" is an adorable game that features a frog who was once a prince. By choosing the correct word spellings you help to turn him back into a prince.

Vocabulary Games

  • Free Rice:
    The vocabulary game for this website will earn 10 grains of rice for each correct answer for the "World Food Programme" to help stop hunger in the world.

  • Hoadworks:
    The website features the "Cobble" vocabulary game where you place letters in a grid to try to form as many words as you can.

  • Merriam-Webster:
    The website offers a game of the day as well as crosswords, scrabble and more word games.

  • My Vocabulary:
    The "Daily Puzzle" provides you with part of a word and its definition which you use to solve the puzzle.

  • The Vocabulary Quiz:
    This is a fun vocabulary game where you are provided with a sentence with a blank in it and you select the word that fills in the blank.

  • Learning Games for Kids:
    This site offers tons of games including "Line Match" which has you choose which scientific word matches which definition.

  • Word Jungle:
    Swinging monkeys are the stars of this game as you choose the right word for the definition in order to make your monkey swing forward.

Rhyming Games

  • Land of Nursery Rhymes:
    The nursery rhyme riddles combine rhyming with problem solving.

  • Find the Rhymes:
    This is a fun rhyming game where each box contains two words that rhyme and one word that doesn't.

  • Sadlier-Oxford Student Activity Center:
    The game "Rhyming Words" is both a rhyming game and a memorization game.

  • Rhyming Rockets:
    This is a very fun game where you stop the rockets that rhyme with the word you are given.

  • TVO Kids:
    "Rhyme Rodeo" is a great game where you choose your game settings such as how long it will take you to create your rhyme. Next you are given rhyming sentences where you need to select the right words

  • Scholastic:
    "Reggie Loves to Rhyme!" features a cute rhino named Reggie and you choose where you want him to go and help him find rhyming words.

  • Roy the Zebra:
    In the "Words that Rhyme" game you help Ryan the rhino find words that rhyme with "pet."