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Delta Force Land Warrior

You're the Best of the Best - Protect Peace Around the World!

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

A very good game, far above average & recommended.


  • The option of having five different Delta Force operatives to choose from, each with their own specialties, adds another layer to mission planning
  • There are more than 20 different firearms to equip your soldier with
  • Realistic weapon physics as higher-caliber rounds can penetrate thicker walls, recoil, firing stance, and movement all affect your aim
  • Teammate artificial intelligence is good with situational awareness and crouching for steadier aim or ducking for cover
  • Multiplayer supports up to 50 players per server and supports a variety of modes including deathmatch, king of the hill, attack and defend, capture the flag, and more
  • Cooperative mode lets up to four players take on the computer in the standard missions


  • The interface makes commanding computer-controlled teammates around a bit awkward
  • Enemy AI is rather weak with poor accuracy and bad reaction time
  • The graphics are a bit dated - characters are blocky with stilted animations, weapons tend to look blurry in first-person view




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Game Description

Join the Elite Delta Force

Delta Force: started in 1977, it is the American military's answer to the ever-growing dangers of terrorism and insurgency.

Elite, stealthy, and in peak condition, the men and women of Delta Force are some of the best warriors the world has ever seen, and now, with Delta Force: Land Warrior, you're part of the team!


You'll travel to hot spots around the globe, be covertly inserted, and carry out the mission. Rescue hostages, destroy material, take out top bad guys - anything to protect the world from terrorist plots!

Training, Quick Missions and Campaigns

Delta Force: Land Warrior includes a comprehensive training course to teach you the basics of combat. Then, jump right into the action with 10 quick missions or go straight to the main campaign of 19 missions!

There are 5 soldiers to choose from, like Daniel "Longbow" Longtree, and Cole "Gas Can" Harris, and each one has his or her strengths and weaknesses - pick the best fit for the mission at hand!

A game so great, the US Army has used it for officer training at West Point!

There are so many realistic elements in Delta Force: Land Warrior: large, open outdoor spaces, night and day missions, varied weather conditions, over 20 authentic weapons, even a complete mission editor!

Before each mission, choose your gear - primary and secondary weapons, a sidearm, grenades, and explosives. You'll engage the enemy in Africa, Indonesia, South America, even inside the Egyptian Sphinx!

Multiplayer is Really Good

Log onto Nova World servers and get your game on with other players like yourself around the world.  The action is intense and super addicting!  Many buy the game for this feature alone as it is probably better than the single player game.


With Delta Force: Land Warrior, you're the tip of the spear - and the first line of defense against the forces of terrorism. Be all you can be!

Delta Force Land Warrior Download Features:

  • Engage the enemy in expansive indoor and vast ourdoor environments
  • Select from a team of diverse characters, each with their own special abilities
  • Advanced new rifles, systems, machine guns and grenade launcher
  • Developed from the same engine used to train the US ARMY elite Land Warrior Soldiers
  • Wage war on the massive battlefields of NovaWorld with up to 50 players simultaneously*
  • Rank yourself against your enemies and allies on NovaWorld
  • [Multiplayer component not compatible with Vista.]

What the Pros Are Saying

  • "If you want to mow down terrorists using the latest firearms in a variety of colorful settings, then this is your game." - GameSpot, 7.3/10 - Full Review
  • "Although single player is weak, multiplayer is extraordinary and will keep players addicted for many hours." - GamingExcellence, 8.7/10 - Full Review

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Delta Force Land Warrior Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Alex

Delta Force Land Warrior continues the series emphasis on tactical shooting combat with single shot kills, stealth being an important gameplay aspect, and engagements at extreme distances in outdoor locales.

Choose Characters With Special Abilities

One of the key additions to the series with this title is the introduction of a select number of special forces characters to choose from, each with their own specialties. For instance you can control Daniel Lonetree “Longbow” and take advantage of an increased sniping ability or step into the shoes of Cole Herris “Gas Can” with his enhanced grenadier abilities. These choices can make levels a bit easier or just allow you to focus on your favorite play style.


Plan Your Attack

Another key feature to mission planning is deciding your load out to fit the mission criteria and what forces you are likely to face. There are more than 20 different weapons to equip your character's primary and secondary armament, such as the Barrett .50 caliber rife, M249 SAW, Jackhammer automatic shotgun, MM-1 automatic grenade launcher, satchel charges, the AK-47, and many more. These options all add together to add a new depth to your mission planning and a flexibility of play style.

Additionally, the Multiplayer feature also adds a ton of extra gameplay that is both exciting and varied with many game modes and the option to have up to 50 players on one server at once.

Weak Enemy AI

There were some slight issues though while playing through the single-player campaigns that tended to draw attention away from the tactical combat. For starters, while the addition of the ability to command your teammates around was a nice touch the interface to actually perform this was a bit awkward to use.

Probably the biggest difference from previous Delta Force titles, in comparison to this game, is that the enemy AI was much weaker this time around. Their accuracy was pretty pathetic and they had even worse reaction times or wouldn't really react at all when one of their comrades fell right next to them. These to features tended to draw away some of the intensity seen in prior titles and slowed down some the action at times.

Also while the graphics held up a bit better when dueling at long-range in the outdoor environments, the characters where a bit blocky and the animations stilted with weapons looking rather blurry while in first-person view. These may be only slight issues but it just made the graphics seem a bit more dated.


Conclusion - A Good Addition to the Delta Force Series

Overall Delta Force Land Warrior is a decent addition to this popular tactical shooting series and adds in some nice new twists to the gameplay. There are some slight graphics issues and problems with enemy AI and interface, but the gameplay is still enjoyable. Also, the multiplayer gameplay is very addictive and more than makes up for any issues experienced in the single-player action.

Delta Force Land Warrior can provide some great shooting action and at the very least you should try out the demo and play through a few levels to find out how it matches up to your standards.

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Fast Facts

  1. Delta Force: Land Warrior was released on November 7, 2000.
  2. This game was developed and published by the California-based company of NovaLogic.
  3. The other entries in the Delta Force series include Delta Force, Delta Force 2, Task Force Dagger, Urban Warfare, Black Hawk Down, Xtreme, Xtreme 2, and Angel Falls.
  4. NovaLogic has developed a wide variety of combat simulators, including Tachyon: The Fringe, Armored Fist, Comanche: Maximum Overkill, and Join Operations: Typhoon Rising.
  5. Delta Force: Land Warrior is available for Windows systems.

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