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Caillou Preschool - Alphabet, Colors, & Shapes

Learn the Basics of Three Languages in Caillou Preschool: Alphabet and Colors & Shapes Combined

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

A superior game, one of the very best in its category.


  • Offered in 3 languages so your child can practice his or her native language while also working on others.
  • There are lots of games to play, keeping your child busy.
  • Subjects include the alphabet, colors and shapes, and creativity.
  • Educational game that improves listening skills and verbal skills.


  • Many of the games are essentially the same thing.




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Game Description

A Learning Adventure for Kids!

Learn colors, counting, creativity and more in English, Spanish and French! Join charming Caillou to begin a learning adventure with more than 60 fun activities.

This game is a great way for young kids to develop the necessary skills for preschool in a fun and memorable setting!


Play Games to Practice Colors, Alphabet and Creativity

Play in English, Spanish or French and switch between them at any time. Then join Caillou for alphabet-learning games such as choosing the birds in the tree that have a capital or lowercase "B" on them. Enjoy 26 games that teach letter recognition.

Or let Caillou teach colors and shapes with many great games such as choosing the pieces with the correct color to reveal a picture underneath or matching like shapes. Then have a blast practicing creativity and coloring with virtual coloring pages showing Caillou in his daily life. Choose where to place each color to make each picture your own!


Fun for Kids and the Whole Family

With printable arts and crafts projects for the family, this game will give the whole family fun activities to do together. Enjoy watching your child interact and learn with Caillou and improve important skills quickly with these memorable games!

To add lots of fun to learning, get into Caillou Preschool now!

Caillou Preschool - Alphabet, Colors, & Shapes Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Dylan

Preschool Aged Learning Activities

Caillou's Preschool might be the perfect game for young children developing both verbal and cognitive skills. This game which is divided into three parts is a learning game that truly seems to care about improving the mind of a child. In it your child helps Caillou pick vegetables in a letter recognition game and guides him through a maze by identifying different shapes and colors. This game is highly focused on learning, yet presents the material in a fun manner. It's simply perfect for your developing child.

Game Modes For Alphabet, Colors, Shapes and More

As you begin to play, once your language has been accepted, you come to another set of choices. There are three modes for you to play, each focusing on a different subject. The first choice is Alphabet. If you decide to play this game your child can play up to 26 different letter games, one for each letter in the alphabet. You can collect apples for the letter A, or find the letter Y in the yo-yo themed Y game. These games are specific to the letters they represent and help build hand-eye coordination (your child must navigate the mouse) and letter recognition skills. The instructions in these games, as well as in all the games are clearly spoken and explained. Also, if you need help figuring anything out, it is easily accessible.


The next of the modes is Colors and Shapes. In this mode you again have the option to play various mini-games. There are 24 in total and the central theme around these games is color and shape recognition. You might need to clear all the green leaves to reveal a surprise picture or you could clear the blue paint drops to help Caillou through the maze of color. The games are very comparable in gameplay as to those of the Alphabet category, however, they are more focused on colors and shapes.

The third and final mode of play is a coloring book. This helps build your child's creativity. In it you can “color” (filling the picture with color through mouse clicking) 11 different pictures. Some of the pictures are of Caillou, while others are toys or trucks. The pictures and coloring is simple, but it is a great addition to developing the creativity of your child.


Some Games Very Similar

As far as drawbacks are concerned this game has one potential problem. The objectives vary little and the gameplay is essentially the same. You might collect Vs instead of the letter A, however, the gameplay is nearly identical. This would pose a big problem for older players, but younger kids in or around preschool, might not find this to be a problem.

Conclusion - Good Option For Preschool Aged Kids

Overall, Caillou's Preschool is a fantastic educational game designed for younger preschool aged kids. The skills your child will pick up are important and numerous. Also, the ability to play in a different language makes this game a great second language tool as well.

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