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Zombie Hunter D-Day

28 days removed from the apocolypse, make use of various weapons to clear each stage

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(Android - For most Android based phones and tablets.
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Game Description

D-day is the most recent zombie shooting game. It's a survival story set 28 days after the apocalypse.

To complete each stage of the enemy, you must employ a variety of weaponry!


To survive in the Kingdom of Zombie Land, defeat actual zombies with lethal weapons!


  • Graphics: Realistic 3D graphics with interesting animations.
  • Endless Stages: Each stage has a different sort of zombie and a gigantic boss zombie.
  • Weapon Collection: There are dozens of vintage guns ready for you to unlock, merge, and enhance.
  • Internet: This is an offline game that does not require the Internet or WiFi.
  • Device: Excellent optimization, even on slower devices.

Kill the undead and win the zombie war! Download 'D-Day' for free today!

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