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Zombie Forest

Assemble and arm a group of survivors to fend off the growing horde of zombies!

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Game Description

By some strange twist of destiny, you managed to escape to the tree house during the zombie apocalypse. However, the amount of food available to zombies is decreasing daily and their population is growing. The violent dead don't mind regaling you with your brains, and they won't let a tree stand in their way. You must put together a group of survivors, arm them, and gather enough supplies and ammo to combat the legions of zombies.

Create spikes, saws, animal traps, rainfall filters, defensive constructions, and bullet-making devices to eliminate zombies and enhance weaponry. Participate in raids throughout the area, lend resources to your neighbors, make new friends, and gather supplies and resources that have been abandoned. You will encounter gangs of marauders and amiable groups of survivors in addition to zombies. You can choose to rob, attack, or agree with them.


Select your preferred method of defense: support with shotguns, indiscriminate automatic rifle fire, or point shooting with sniper rifles. When you meet with marauders, will you pay a charge for passage or contribute a squad? Every hand that works is also an additional mouth. Save all is definitely not going to work!

Thorough planning and precise math are essential for success! But be ready to accept the gifts of destiny. Your colleagues are free to depart the group at any moment, taking most of the supplies with them. The ones that get bitten may conceal their illness until the very last minute, which puts other group members at risk in addition to themselves. Part of the supplies may be taken by wild animals, part of the ammunition may be lost due to careless firefighting, the absence of canned food may result in eating disorders and unscheduled weekends, etc. However, there will be time for enjoyable occasions. Living for an additional day is pleasant, isn't it?



  • 50 different kinds of survivors and zombies
  • Thirteen different kinds of weaponry, including shotguns, assault rifles, submachine guns, and pistols
  • Defensive fortifications: round saws, spikes, and blocks made of stone, wood, and iron
  • Mining sites, rain filters, animal traps
  • Enhancement of weapon specifications
  • Trading weapons and resources
  • Sites for raids created procedurally
  • Gatherings with neutral parties and marauders
  • Chance occurrences that significantly ease or complicate existence
  • A worldwide table of records
  • The game's overall difficulty, which increases with every death


  • The home, with the potential to add more rooms, in place of the tree
  • The number of rooms, 2 persons each room, sets a restriction on the number of people
  • Both within and outside the home, people and buildings are movable
  • Structures with protection can be restored
  • Individuals possess expertise, proficiency, and enhanced attributes
  • You can now swipe the playing field to the left and right, making it wider
  • Included more structures: barbed wire, electric fence, fuel generator, fires, and fences
  • A diesel generator could cut out
  • Added pens for zombies
  • The use of tranquilizers in rifles to capture zombies
  • Feeding captured zombies other zombies can make them stronger
  • Captured zombies can be utilized to assault the camps of others
  • There are now three different kind of locales on the raid map: foreign bases, devastated homes, and zombie capture areas
  • You can investigate bases and wrecked buildings to determine your odds before attacking them
  • The trade has been entirely rewritten, the merchant is now able to wield a weapon, the quantity of resources is finite and varies daily, and you can add multiple kinds of resources at the same time
  • The raid can only be walked once every day, but once inside, the map can be changed
  • The quantity of acts is not constrained by the quantity of persons
  • They use their rifle butts to fend against attackers when cartridges are scarce
  • Some might not have enough time to use the first-aid supplies
  • If everyone perishes, you forfeit all of your weapons and must restart the game from scratch using the new survivor, but the structures and resources will still be there.

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