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Zombie Catchers

Catching zombies has never been more fun!

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Game Description

Zombie Catchers is a casual action adventure game set on a future planet plagued by a zombie invasion! But we are in luck! A.J. and Bud, two interplanetary businessmen, have decided to create a corporate empire! They want to hunt down all of the zombies and restore Earth's safety, all while profiting handsomely from the sale of zombie juice.

Walk across the undead wasteland, where no plants can survive, while sipping on tasty Zombie shakes in between hunts.


So, what are you waiting for? Don't be idle. Choose your weapons and traps, then develop your character to hunt and capture delicious zombies, transport them to your secret underground lab, and profit!


  • Use your trusty harpoon gun and clever traps to take out zombies!
  • Unlock thrilling new hunting devices, including nets, weaponry, guns, traps, and jetpacks to assist you in your quest to capture zombies!
  • Make yummy drinks, sweets, and fantastic snacks from your zombies and sell them to hungry customers at your drive through cafe!
  • Create a food company empire by producing delicious new recipes and upgrading your manufacturing lines to maximize profits!
  • Explore new regions on the globe and capture unusual zombies to turn into profitable culinary goods!
  • Send your army of drones throughout the world to capture fantastic zombies!
  • Use your flying ship's harpoon to lure out unique boss zombies and catch them!
  • Improve your ability and make great catches to advance through the hunting tiers and earn more plutonium and distinctive clothes for your character!
  • Manage and expand your very own underground laboratory!
  • Complete engaging daily challenges to get amazing rewards!
  • Play offline! No internet connection required!

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