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SAS: Zombie Assault 4

From the creators of Bloons TD, comes the most intense zombie shooter on mobile!

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Game Description

A virus outbreak on a faraway trans federation planet brings back nightmares from humanity's history. A formidable, quickly rising zombie horde threatens humankind's very existence, and the only ones capable of fighting back are the SAS's highly competent, highly militarized special forces. Choose from three distinct character classes, a fully customizable skill tree, and hundreds of weapons and armor components to create the ideal zombie fighting hero. Play dynamic, hard stages in single player or cooperative multiplayer mode, and offer our damaged civilisation one last chance for survival.



Zombies swarm the screen, exploding into fragments in the face of your gunfire. Each of the 17 distinct zombie varieties has distinctive attacks and behavior, and they can evolve, revealing scary new abilities as you go through the game. And just when you think you've defeated them all, vicious boss zombies come for you, spewing acid worms or rushing after you in rage mode. As you guide the action across 7 story driven maps with varied win conditions, you will learn their strengths and weaknesses.


Quickmatch with up to three other players of a similar level and construct an effective fire team using the custom abilities and weapons chosen by all players. Coordinate the placement of auto turrets, high level room clearing abilities such as Assault Team, Aerial Bombardment, and Zombie Antidote, and manipulate physical objects to create temporary cover while you paint the room red.


Over 160 fantastic firearms and armor parts are kept away in progressively uncommon strongboxes found in secret rooms or on the mutilated remains of your foes. Choose from quick firing submachine guns, lethal shotguns, high damage assault rifles, ruthless machine guns, flamethrowers, rocket launchers, lightning guns, and more in your loadout. Armor yourself for physical, thermal, and chemical attacks, then round out your armament with auto turrets, grenades, and special high damage ammo to rip through the undead before they take you apart.



The Assault, Medic, and Heavy Gunner classes each have their own upgrade trees, giving each player a total of 19 talents to choose from. Hundreds of weaponry and armor components come in a variety of grades, with a powerful RED version available when you reach a certain level. You can also add strong augmentations to your firearms and gear, which improve key qualities like damage and rate of fire while also improving reload time, withstand damage, and healing.

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