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Zenless Zone Zero

A brand-new 3D action game by HoYoverse set in the near future

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Game Description

Do not go into Hollows.

I know there are Ether resources in the Hollows, strange creations, and even relics of an ancient civilization. All precious assets. But don't forget about the spatial disorder, monsters, and mutants roaming free. Finally, this is a disaster with the potential to devour the entire planet. Ordinary folks should avoid hollows.


So don't enter Hollows.

Alternatively, do not enter alone. If you persist on putting yourself in risk, head to New Eridu. Many people in this diverse metropolis rely on the Hollows: powerful and wealthy tycoons, street gangs, schemers hidden in the shadows, and vicious bureaucrats. Make your plans there, recruit reliable allies, and, most essential. Find a 'proxy.' Only they can lead people out of the labyrinthian Hollows.

Good luck.

Zenless Zone Zero is an all-new 3D action game by HoYoverse set in the near future, where the globe is devastated by a mystery tragedy known as 'Hollows.'

Dual Identities, a Singular Experience!

  • In the near future, a mysterious natural disaster known as 'Hollows' occurred. In this disaster-ridden planet, a new type of metropolis has emerged: New Eridu. This final oasis has mastered the technology to coexist with Hollows and is home to a plethora of chaotic, raucous, dangerous, and extremely active groups. As a professional Proxy, you play an important role in connecting the city with the Hollows. Your tale awaits.

Build Your Squad and Fight Fast-Paced Battles!

  • Zenless Zone Zero is an all-new 3D action game from HoYoverse that promises an exciting battle experience. Form a squad of up to three people and launch your assault with Basic and Special Attacks. Dodge and parry your opponents' counterattacks, then when they are stunned, unleash a devastating chain of assaults to finish them out! Remember that each opponent has unique characteristics, therefore take advantage of their vulnerabilities.

Immerse Yourself in the Unique Style and Music!


  • Zenless Zone Zero boasts a distinct visual style and design. With carefully crafted character expressions and fluid movements, you'll easily feel immersed in the fascinating world as you embark on your own journey. Of course, every VIP deserves their own soundtrack, so you'll have emotional beats full of drip to accompany you in each unforgettable moment.

Various Factions and Stories Intertwined!

  • Random Play need videotapes to function, while Proxies require Agents. Customers from all walks of life will visit New Eridu. So don't be misled by their innocent and cute faces, don't be scared of those who tower over you and appear scary, and don't turn away the fluffy ones who may shed fur all over your pristine floor. Go talk to them, learn about their different experiences, and let them become your friends and allies. Companionship is essential for walking long distances on this road.

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