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Hunt dangerous beasts as you explore and reveal the lost secrets of the planet Ekors

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Game Description

Yeager is an alien themed 3D action role playing monster hunting game.

You play Yeager, an expert Vyderan hunter tasked with recovering a priceless stolen treasure. Your journey will take you to the enigmatic Planet Ekors, a realm filled with terrible animals and dark mysteries. Hunt dangerous monsters and meet exotic civilizations as you learn the Vyderan clan's, and the Empire's, hidden secrets.


In contrast to previous RPG games, Yeager's easy, action oriented combat system allows you to select from five formidable weapon classes: Hunting Sword, Force Hammer, Fury Blades, Flux Blaster, and Eidolon Spear. Master the trademark moves of each weapon class to combat frightening creatures up close, weaken them with powerful combinations, and move in for the kill.

Hunt Beasts for resources rich in Kallar, your ancestors' powerful essence, to build and enhance your equipment. Equipment forged with Kallar infused Beast Parts will even take on the appearance and characteristics of the Beasts.

Equip Ancient Seals, mysterious treasures filled with Kallar and your ancestors' rich hunting experience, to earn legendary hunting prowess. Install Sigils on your Kallar Arm to improve your physical abilities and gain access to new Hunting Skills.

Select the Weapon School that best suits your playstyle. Unlike traditional RPG games, each Weapon School provides you with unique movesets and abilities, allowing you to design your character from a wide range of alternatives.


Navigate through huge forests and meandering canyons in search of the various wonders hidden on Ekors, but watch out for creatures on your tail! In comparison to previous RPG games, the animals in Yeager all have unique battle abilities!

Yeager's magnificent realistic action and next generation cinematics driven by cutting edge motion capture technology will immerse you in an experience not found in other RPG Games!

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