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Yasa Pets Christmas

Come rejoice with these lovely kitties as they have a great time with their family!

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Game Description

Every time you visit Yasa Pets Christmas, a fully interactive dollhouse, you'll experience the wonder and anticipation of Christmas morning. Come play with these lovely kitties as they celebrate with their family!



  • Interact with this lovely family's three generations!
  • Take part in the Christmas morning thrill!
  • Look inside the Christmas stockings for delectable treats!
  • Take advantage of all the Christmas tree gifts!
  • Look through a range of playthings and attires.
  • Serve warm milk and mince pies to greet Grandma and Grandpa!
  • Help in setting the table and serving a delectable meal!
  • Get suited up in preparation for Christmas dinner!
  • Involve the entire family in a joyful meal!
  • Enjoy spending time as a family by the fireplace!
  • Take a warm bubble bath to get ready for bed.
  • Before going to bed, wish Gram and Grandpa good nite
  • Put on pajamas and nightgowns for our sleep deprived kittens
  • After a long day, put your kittens to bed!
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