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Wuthering Waves

Enjoy an open world RPG full of story rich content

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Game Description

Wuthering Waves is a story-rich open-world action RPG with a great deal of freedom. You awaken as Rover, accompanied by a vibrant ensemble of Resonators on a quest to retrieve your lost memories and defeat the Lament.



Welcome aboard, roaming adventurer.

Upon the sands lie the silent embers of a planet at the ebb tide.

The Lament has destroyed the previous creations and terrestrial beings, leaving them motionless.

But they strike back, powerful enough to break the hush.

Humanity has risen from the ashes of the Apocalypse.

And you, Rover, are ready to embark on an awakening experience.

Companions to meet, foes to defeat, new powers to acquire, hidden truths to reveal, and unknown sights to witness... A vast world with limitless potential awaits. The decision is entirely up to you. Be the answer, the leader, and follow the sounds to a new future.

As Wuthering Waves echoed forever, humanity embarked on a new voyage.

Rover, rise and begin your journey.


Dive into an enormous world!

Immersive overworld excursions provide you a great deal of freedom. Use grapple and wall dash to move long distances and overcome obstacles with little effort and endurance. As the world of Solaris-3 develops, your lost memory begins to be restored during this never-ending quest.

Engage in seamless, fast-paced battle!

Protect yourself from opponent strikes in smooth and fast-paced battle. Use simple controls such as Extreme Evasion, Dodge Counter, Echo Skill, and unique QTE techniques to maximize your battle experience.

Encounter Resonators!

Compose a harmonious combat concerto with Resonators of varying powers. Their individual Fortes, which indicate separate personalities, will be valuable assets for your voyage ahead.


Gather Echoes to help you in battle!

Capture lingering phantoms of Tacet Discords to create your own Echoes. On this mystic region of eternal reverberations, a broad selection of Echo Skills will hit adversaries with devastating replies.

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