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World Robot Boxing 2

Fight to win the new World Robot Boxing Championship!

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Game Description

Robot boxing has evolved. Have you?

Conquer the new World Robot Boxing Championship and take control of everything! Join the most advanced Robots in their quest for dominance. The most complex and amazing arcade action Robot boxing game invites you to demolish your opponents, defeat mighty bosses, and become the next great Robot Boxing legend. Enter the ring and start fighting like there's no tomorrow! Return to the throne as the Ultimate World Robot Boxing Champion.



  • The ring is where champions are built! This Robot Fighting Game mixes great stories with stunning action, from hidden underground fights to becoming the World Champion. Enter the squared circle for the grittiest mech combat with the finest team of steel warriors. Arm your robots with insane abilities, refine your skills via hours of practice, KO your opponents with great signature techniques, and fight until you reach the top of the Leaderboards. Compete for the title of World Robot Boxing Champion.


  • As you enter the ultimate contest, unleash a pantheon of robot boxing champions and train them to new heights! It's no longer just about size. Robot fighting has become much more sophisticated with the addition of abilities and class benefits. Make your own team of ultimate fighting machines with unique character classifications. Each class has distinct fighting strengths and advantages over the others, and each robot has its own set of Abilities. So, who you bring to the fight is important! Combine specific Robots to activate powers based on their synergy. Prepare for new robot titans and far enhanced versions of renowned fan favorites from the World Robot Boxing Universe to elevate the WRB2 action.


  • The greatest robot boxing matches in history are now in your hands! In this epic action RPG, unleash epic combos with powerful skills on your opponents to define your own combat style! As your steel warriors unleash dynamic combos with the touch of a finger, you'll be treated to breathtaking gameplay cinematics. Feel the genuine steel collide with each punch and kick. Use intuitive fighting interface controls to destroy your opponents and unleash explosive special attacks. Block your opponent's strikes and respond with a perfect counter. Immerse yourself in the best steel shattering arcade action fighting experience available. Know your opponent, engage with them, identify their weaknesses, devise a strategy, and enter the fight.



  • Battle in Story Mode and Global Tournaments covering historic places as you progress through an intriguing plot and evolve your steel warriors into strong Champions. In dynamic Versus Battles and weekly Live Events, knock out adversaries from around the world or play with friends to settle this once and for all. Who will land the knockout blow in the end? Explore dynamic adventures and engage in plenty of action packed combat. Level up your mech monsters to increase their stats and unlock their ultimate potential!


  • 67 robots from 14 different countries
  • 6 Robot Classifications
  • 12 Thrilling Arenas
  • 48 Outlandish Signature Moves
  • Various Game Modes
  • Items that increase in rank and level
  • Rank and Milestone Rewards

Achieve glory in Robot Boxing's future, where only the strongest will survive. Join the Champions League!

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