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World of Warships

Battle it out with millions of other Admirals in historical warships!

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Game Description

Command historic battleships in the Battleship Experience! Step onboard iconic WWII vessels such as the Yamato, Bismarck, Iowa, Atlanta, and Massachusetts and fight in high-seas engagements. World of vessels: Legends features a remarkable array of over 400 historical vessels representing ten different nations. Choose and command the vessel that best suits your personal style as you maneuver and engage in epic battles.

Participate in naval combat and lead destroyers, cruisers, aircraft carriers, and battleships. Choose your strategic game and rule the waves with three various warship types at your disposal. Take charge of the fleet and improve your battle simulator for the best naval fight. Whether you choose to strike quickly, help your team, or unleash deadly weaponry, there is a warship class to suit your tactics.


Prepare for war action in a variety of multiplayer modes. Compete in heated Arena combat, rise through the ranks in Ranked bouts, or embrace chaos in the Brawl mode, where everything goes. With exhilarating PvP action, you'll face off against skilled opponents from all over the world in fierce 9v9 battles that will put your strategic and teamwork skills to the test.

But the excitement does not end there. Join our events, such as Halloween, New Year's, and anniversaries, to play unique games and receive rewards. Celebrate in style by taking part in limited-time events that give a unique and seasonal twist to an already exciting game.

Dazzle your opponents not just with tactical expertise, but also with your customizing options. Collaborate with recognized franchises to gain access to rare commanders, skins, and distinctive camos. Shine on the battlefield with unique visual improvements that change your vessel into a true expression of your personal flair.


Rest assured that you won't have to empty your money to enjoy everything that World of Warships: Legends offers. We believe in rewarding our players, thus we provide a system of free prizes. Play the war game for free and collect precious in-game currency to unlock additional vessels, upgrades, and customization options. If you want to enhance your experience even more, our in-game store sells a wide range of items.

Immerse yourself in stunning graphics, strategy games, and the excitement of naval conflict. WoWs: Legends is the perfect mobile game experience for history aficionados, WWII warship enthusiasts, strategy fans, and competitive players. Set sail, form alliances, and dominate the seas. Download World of Warships: Legends and begin your quest to become a legendary naval commander.

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