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World of the Abyss

A hero-filled, action-packed, open-world multiplayer massively multiplayer role-playing game!

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Game Description

A hero-filled, action-packed, open-world multiplayer massively multiplayer role-playing game

Are MMORPGs your thing? Do you have a higher desire to fight, take down opponents in PvP, and explore new places than to spend time sitting in front of your computer? What you need is World of the Abyss! A brand-new mobile role-playing game including an original fantasy setting, bosses and monsters that must be defeated, secret locations full of treasure, skill trees to discover, characters that must level up, and, of course, enemies and allies to oppose or cooperate with. Come on, let's check out what we've got. You won't be let down, we guarantee it.


A 3D online role-playing game, environment of the Abyss has an open environment with magic all around and nonstop fighting. Let's take each one in turn.


The intention behind building an open world was to evoke that timeless fantasy that we all adore. Magic and wizardry that seep subtly into every idea and work of art you behold. Everyone is now attempting to use magic to make every tiny component scream. We reject it! The idea behind the magic is to make you think, 'Oh, it's just like in my forest down the street,' but as time goes on, you encounter and see things that contradict your perception of your forest. You feel more a part of the world when you encounter something like that.


To be honest, we're all sick of this flatness that seems 3D. Therefore, to make it distinct and unforgettable, we've given you real 3D with its own distinct visual style instead of a 3D-like MMORPG game. Our painters put a little bit of their soul into it. However, since Ben is a warlock, you never know. I believe he utilized someone else's.


There will be constant action with axes, magical missiles, arrows, shields, and spells because we want PvP to feel unique. We have a 'Lock on' mechanism that can make you feel like the protagonist or antagonist of an anime fighting its archenemy, which makes real-time conflicts even more exciting. There will undoubtedly be fights, and you dare not think that you will alternate between fighting. It's going to be a disaster!


Saying that you will develop a character on your own is unnecessary. Right, skill trees at last. The uniquely beautiful things that can occasionally hit you in the face more forcefully with a staff than a berserker with a pole hammer. There are so many options available to you to hone the abilities and benefits of your character that nearly any combination can come to pass.



  • An expansive, magical realm where you are free to do as you choose
  • A wide range of creatures to battle, characters to meet, skill trees to master, and breathtaking locales
  • A mobile MMORPG game with distinct style and real 3D visuals
  • Engaging combat and a PvP system that turns fights into rivalries
  • Additionally, since the game is still in pre-alpha, you can still affect its future developments

Fans of role-playing games, you've found it! A mobile MMORPG with true 3D graphics, community-responsive developers, and all the features you need. From PvP combat to character creation. Come on, enter and enrich your life with some virtual magic!

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