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World at Arms

Defend the United States with Your Personal Army of Soldiers and Tanks!

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Game Description

War Has Been Declared

A band of rogue terrorists have begun to rise up in the world. Known only as the KRA, they’ve been rapidly gaining power and have already taken control over several nations. Now they have their sights trained on the United States, opening up their attack with a nuclear assault! Are you going to sit back and let them have at it? Heck no! You’re going to build the biggest, meanest and most disciplined army the nation has ever seen and arm it with the most advanced weaponry money can buy.

That’s assuming you can get the money in the first place. You’ll need to fund your operation, train bands of soldiers, set up the necessary facilities to manufacture your weapons of war, and gather all sorts of other resources. Don’t think for a moment that the KRA will make it easy for you either; they’ll attack you every step of the way. If you want to protect liberty, you’ll need to think like a businessman and a general at the same time.


Man Your Stations

Like any good strategy game, you’ll spend a good amount of time at the site of your base in World at Arms. You’re free to have it look however you like, but you’ll want to be strategic in what you build. Every building has an express purpose for your war effort.

  • Construct buildings and facilities that are needed to train new soldiers, manufacture tanks, assemble fighter jets, and more.
  • Build a variety of plants to provide energy for your base. Choose to run on wind, coal, bio-fuel, solar or nuclear power.
  • Make income by creating and renting out housing developments, bars and warehouses. Tap the money as it appears to put it into your coffers.
  • Drill the earth for oil, send it to the refinery, and store it in a variety of wells. Oil will be required for every battle you fight.
  • Build roads that allow for safe and efficient travel for your vehicles.
  • Make your base a little more visually appealing with purely decorative objects, including monuments, trees, arcs, statues, eternal flames and more.
  • See your base come to life! Soldiers go on the march, airplanes fly through the air, and vehicles drive on the roads you build.
  • Speed up the production rate of new buildings and units by spending rare gold stars.

Let the Battle Begin!

The game isn’t called World at Arms for nothing. Sooner or later, the forces of KRA will come knocking on your door and you’ll have to answer with the only thing they will ever understand: fire. Despite the game’s strategic leanings, battles unfold in a most unusual way.

  • Pick which units you have on reserve that you wish to bring to the fight. Choose wisely; you can’t deploy every soldier, jeep and tank in your base.
  • Watch the action unfold as both forces exchange fire.
  • Slash incoming projectile attacks with a stroke of your finger or stylus. You just might save your men’s lives.
  • Launch air strikes to cause widespread destruction on the enemy army. Fire missiles, spray toxic gas, or call in a nuclear strike.
  • Assist your forces by deploying first aid, smoke screens or titanium armor onto the field.
  • Send out helicopters and fighter jets to fight thrilling battles thousands of feet up in the air.

Enemy Mine

Nothing unites splintered forces together better than a common enemy. KRA is a powerful force that may just be too much for a single army to stand against. By going online and currying favor with other players fighting the good fight, you just might be able to stand a better chance in the war.

  • Make a list of friends. The more friends you have, the stronger your army can be.
  • Send and receive gifts to and from your friends. You’re all in this together, after all.
  • Put out fires that are erupting across your allies’ territories. This will earn you Hearts, which can be used to buy extra goodies and gifts.

Civil War

Unfortunately, not every enemy of your enemy is your friend. Some players could be just as much of a threat to you as the KRA is. In World at Arms, it is possible for players to launch attacks against other players, so always be on your guard!


  • If you don’t want to make another player your ally, then you can elect to attack them instead.
  • Post a bounty on players you don’t like or who really tick you off. This extra monetary incentive will attract other players into attacking them!

Sign Up Today!

World at Arms manages to stand head and shoulders over the other city-builder games through its combination of base-building mechanics and deep strategic gameplay. You have to constantly juggle your priorities, decide what type of units your army should contain, and figure out where your precious few resources can go. Then you get into the nitty-gritty side of combat, which adds an extra layer of strategy to the mix and even requires you to use your reflexes to win.

It all adds up to one of the deepest games you can find for a mobile system. Combine this with the strong social aspect where you can make allies and enemies out of your fellow players and you have an even more unique twist to the formula. Enlist in the corps and play World at Arms now! Your country and enjoyment levels demand it!

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