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A wooden block sudoku game

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Game Description

Woodoku combines sudoku with games involving wooden blocks. It's a tranquil yet difficult puzzle that you'll quickly become addicted to!

Fill rows, columns, or squares on the 9x9 board with blocks to remove them from the game. Play as long as you can to beat your previous high score without running out of room!



  • To arrange shapes in the grid, drag them onto the board.
  • To remove all the blocks from the board, fill a row, a column, or a square.
  • To score Combo points, clear numerous rows, regions, or squares.
  • Every turn, remove blocks to collect streak points!
  • To beat your previous high score, score as many points as you can!
  • Enjoy yourself to the fullest!
  • It's a peaceful, zen game that's simple to learn but difficult to master. Take your time and go easy on yourself.


  • Stunning visuals and enjoyable sound effects
  • A tactile game with a real-looking wood tile design
  • A leisurely game with no deadline or pressure
  • A compact game that won't take up much room on your device
  • This timeless game is playable offline so you may enjoy it anywhere

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