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Wood Nuts & Bolts

Put your problem-solving skills to the test!

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Game Description

Introducing Wood Nuts and Bolts Puzzle, a gripping game that will test your problem solving abilities! This game is ideal for fans of brain teasers, quizzes, and IQ games.



  • Creative Gameplay: Learn how to strategically rotate wooden bolts to fit them into place.
  • Multiple Difficulty Levels: Take a journey through more than 100 levels, from beginner to advanced. Each level provides new challenges and brain teasing wood based puzzles to keep your mind active.
  • Hint System: A limited hint system provides essential information on how to solve tough wood puzzles.
  • Multiple Solutions: Investigate several techniques to improve your problem solving abilities and develop effective wood based solutions.
  • More than skins for customizing wood nuts and bolts.
  • Compete globally, climb the leaderboard, and gain accolades to demonstrate your wood puzzle solving abilities.

Your goal in Wood Nuts & Bolts Puzzle is to remove the wooden plates from the puzzle board by understanding the correct unlocking sequence.

  • Inspect the wooden nuts and bolts that require careful twisting.
  • Rearrange the nuts and bolts in their proper positions to remove all wooden plates.
  • Experiment with several approaches for efficiently manipulating and aligning the bolts. Find the ideal solution.
  • Successfully finish each challenge to go to the next level of difficulty.

Prepare to test your brain with the intriguing Wood Nuts and Bolts Puzzle game. Download it today and get ready for an amazing wood puzzle adventure!

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