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Join your friends be a part of the dynamic, cross-platform, action-adventure world of the Wonderers!

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(Android - For most Android based phones and tablets.
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Game Description

In the action adventure Wonderers, join your pals for 4v4 Team Battles, Dungeon Adventures, and a ton of minigames. The barrier separating PC and mobile is gone! Savor lively cross platform gameplay wherever you go!

Thought provoking 4v4 team based combat


  • Together with your team, conquer a gold streaked battleground in under ten minutes.
  • Compete to get more gold, and use your pets and strategic artifacts to fight the opposing team.
  • The secret to winning the fight is teamwork.
  • As you work toward victory, cooperate with your squad, switching up your roles amongst Tanks, Archers, Mages, and more.

An enchanted haven to enjoy with companions

  • Wonderers uses Unreal Engine to power its HD graphics and 3D sound to bring a gorgeous fairytale world to life on PCs and mobile devices.
  • After a hard battle, you can go fishing, racing, woodcutting, dice fighting, and more whenever you need a break.

Persist in the fight by yourself


  • Develop your character by leveling up and combining various artifacts.
  • Simply said, the opposition is unsure about when to give up. To survive, try out different combinations of abilities.
  • And take caution. Starting anew is your only choice in the event of your death.

Enchanting Costumes

  • From elegant to clothes with fairytale themes
  • Contemporary attire and gear!
  • Make your character unique by using
  • Different accessories!

To play and have fun with friends, download Wonderers!

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