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Witch Cry 2

Help Little Timmy fulfill Gretel's requests to escape the Witch!

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Game Description

Even after Little Timmy made it out of the sobbing witch's house in the last chapter, his adventure is far from over. He must now grant Gretel's wishes in order to get away and keep himself from being the witch's dinner.

While you're not detected, discover the secrets surrounding the forest's fairies and the witch. Discover the magical red hood you need to escape the fantasy realm you are imprisoned in by exploring the enigmatic cottage of an elderly woman who resides in the middle of the forest with her granddaughter.


As you work through puzzles that will test the limits of your deduction and orientation skills, you'll keep becoming better at using your magic wand.


  • Experience a realm of horror and fantasy with captivating cartoon graphics that are unmatched in Keplerian gaming.
  • Learn new spells to improve your magic wand skills and solve puzzles by using them to alter the surroundings.
  • A terrifying, fantastical, and tragic story that draws inspiration from the Little Red Riding Hood legend.
  • Use an artificial intelligence that will astound you to escape the witch in pursuit.
  • Face the antagonist in several ways to momentarily incapacitate her.
  • Take on challenging game modes that will make you work for it.
  • If you become lost in the game, make use of the guided hint system, which will inform you where to go every time to advance.

Don't wait! Tell your friends about Witch Cry 2: The Red Hood and download it for free right now! Everyone can enjoy this new chapter in the heartwarming and terrifyingly scary story of the crying witch, created by Honi Games and released by Keplerians.

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