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Witch Cry: Horror House

Can you help Timmy escape the Witch?

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Game Description

Once upon a time, as every good story begins. In a house in the woods, a couple of witches lived peacefully with their son. They hunted using their magical abilities, and they occasionally encountered terrifying monsters.

But one day. Something drastically transformed the plot: their pets, the black fairies, escaped from the house's basement and set off a chain of tragic events.


She became a sobbing witch who never ceased lamenting the calamities. What became of the fairies? What happened to her family? Attempt to find it!

Explore a magical house and play the role of Timmy, abducted by the witch. Solve riddles as you unravel the mysteries of this new adversary.



  • Adorable cartoon visuals never seen in Keplerians games before.
  • Puzzles that make sense in the game's mystical setting. An arm defending the chest? What is the significance of the nose on the door?
  • A tragic, horror, and fantasy story inspired by traditional fairy tales.
  • Deal with an evil witch in a variety of ways to knock her unconscious for a while.
  • Intense chases inside the witch's eerie mansion, with a surprising artificial intelligence.
  • Various game difficulty modes that will put your skills to the test.
  • Learn how to cast spells and demonstrate your magic wand talents.
  • A hint system that will direct you where to go if you get stuck.

What exactly are you waiting for? Download Witch Cry for free and share the story of the wailing witch with your friends!

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