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Wind Wings: Space Shooter

When you shoot the monster, you shoot the fun!

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Game Description

The game is based on a fantasy story about a soldier who unintentionally traveled through time to the future. People in the future have advanced to an advanced level of science and technology, and they have begun to hunt for distant worlds in space.

To realize that aim, they built several modern and strong battleships. The soldier rejoins the army to continue the voyage to the promised land, and their fleet encounters numerous warlike beasts in space. They not only assaulted spaceships, but they were also on their way to invade Earth. In response to the difficult circumstances, the commander directed the soldier to come combat the enemy's attacks. A true war has broken out.


You will take on the role of the soldier who takes command of the entire spaceship, protects the Earth, and leads other spaceships. Disrupt and destroy the enemy's plans.

Wind Wings: Space Shooter is a shoot'em up game with many fresh and modern enhancements and a large number of remarkable points.


  • In battle, players will use two different types of spaceships, each with its own set of abilities. Players will occasionally employ appropriate spaceships.
  • Many different varieties of monsters are intricately crafted with various forms of attack.
  • Many rounds are continuously updated with new challenges for players to try.
  • A large number of battleships, each with its own design and ammunition. Customization and combining options are available to players.
  • In addition to the primary spaceship, there are two assistants to help with combat.
  • Use laser missiles, mega bombs, and magnets to increase your attack strength and spaceship speed.
  • The game has an excellent difficulty balance, making it suited for both novices and experienced gamers.
  • A plethora of support equipment to aid the spaceship's combat capability.
  • A variety of tasks and appealing incentives
  • Expand the map from Earth to distant parts of the universe.
  • The combination of images and audio will provide players with a memorable experience.


  • Move your finger across the screen to escape enemy attacks, shoot back, and destroy them.
  • Click to modify the spaceship based on the type of adversary.
  • Gather ammunition and equipment to improve the spaceship.
  • Use assistance functions in an emergency or when confronted with formidable foes.

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