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Will Hero

The Princess is in trouble. Can you save her?

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(Android - For most Android based phones and tablets.
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Game Description

We present the Adventure Portal, your gateway to the Will Hero world's distant reaches, teeming with thrilling adventures, fresh dangers, and rich treasures!

Will Hero is a roguelike, arcade, action, and platformer game.


This is a thrilling adventure in which you can dive at any time and in any location!

When Princess is into trouble, a Genuine hero transforms into an unstoppable maul and attacks with explosives, kicks, and an axe.

Make a tap to dash, evade, or attack.

Learn to use a sword and push your way through with powerful kicks, bombs, throwing knives, and axes.

Weapons can be improved by increasing their lethal force.

Construct a towering tower and unleash a slew of powerful combat spells.

There are dozens of helmets available for your hero, including brutal helmets such as knight, prince, crusader, viking, dragon, cute cat, puppy, unicorn, panda, raccoon, chicken, hog, and many others.

Discover dungeons and many gaming realms.

Discover rare and legendary chests holding one of a kind helmets.

Will Hero is more than just a timekiller. It's also an entertaining arcade, action, and platformer that can be played with just one finger.

The game works without the Internet. All you have to do is download it and it will blow your head.


Play whenever and anywhere you want!

Battle against your pals to become a hero!

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