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Whispers: Interactive Stories

Choose your own destiny and make it a reality in the most exciting interactive story game available, Whispers

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Game Description

Choose your own destiny and make it a reality in the most exciting interactive story game available, Whispers.

Experience the excitement of being in control of your own fate with each interactive episode. Whispers provides something for everyone, whether you want to play as the lead in an alpha male relationship or a love story with vampires or werewolves. In each episode, YOU get to make the options and decisions. Make significant life decisions like establishing a relationship, dating guys and girls, falling in love, uncovering deep secrets of friends, or kissing your true love! Make your choices with endless interactive options throughout each episode! Every decision you make can have an impact on your chapters and take you down a new path of passion or romance. A story game in which YOUR CHOICES MATTER!



Make your dress and hairstyle unique! You can select your gender, dress up in a fancy gown, and meet your ideal partner!

Customize your lover, whether he's a mafia boss, a billionaire, a vampire, or a werewolf, and embark on a new love journey!

Control your destiny! Read the love chapters and make decisions that will affect the entire story: Perhaps you will choose to kiss him, have an affair with him, leave him, or even murder him... Your decisions influence the chapters!

With weekly chapter and book releases, covering all types of episodic stories and series of romantic book adaptations, the library is always growing.

In each episode of our animated books, you'll meet your lovely sweetheart! Immerse yourself in beautiful scenes and decide what happens next.

Whispers contains fiction stories produced by well known romance authors, including those from the Wattpad and Webnovel communities.

The Nocturnal Billionaire

In this electrifying billionaire romance episode, be swept away by a captivating tale of power and desire! You'll decide the fate of your relationship with a fascinating alpha guy who's equal parts attractive billionaire and fierce werewolf with each decision you make. Will you give in to his domineering presence and become his devoted girlfriend, or will you reject his approaches and maintain your independence?

Mafia: Dangerously Sweet

In this interactive mafia romance, you'll experience an exciting forbidden love. Navigate a perilous connection with a mysterious mafia leader as the main character. Your decisions influence the outcome and happiness of your relationship.

With our selection of interactive stories, you may delve into the infinite possibilities of love and relationships. Make your own love island, add some spice with hot stories, or get some thrill with our adult games. With new chapters being uploaded on a daily basis, there is always a new adventure to engage in.


Download Whispers today and discover the delight of creating your own love story! Whispers: Interactive Stories is ready to change things up in the reading world! You can immerse yourself in drama, humor, fantasy, sci fi, young adult, and romance with a fascinating new twist. You get to pick the decisions!

The more you play, the more you'll learn about each thrilling episode. Trust us when we say that the decisions you make will have you on the edge of your seat! So come on in, the adventure is waiting for you!

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