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Where's My Water

Use Gravity, Soil Erosion and More to Bring Water to Swampy's Bath!

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free to play physics puzzle

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Game Description

Here’s Your Water

Have you ever heard the old urban legend of how alligators live in the sewers? It turns out it’s true! There’s an entire community of crocodilians living beneath our feet. However, not all of them are accustomed to that particular environment.

Swampy just can’t stand being dirty for long, and thus takes regular baths to ensure he stays squeaky clean. He still needs help in actually getting clean water, so that’s where you come in. You must somehow navigate the flow of water from its reservoir straight to Swampy’s bathtub.


It’s won’t be easy; the sewer is an absolute labyrinth, there are pipes and blockades every step of the way, and filth that will only ruin Swampy’s green shine has been accumulating for a very long time. Think carefully about how you control the water, and you will have a very happy alligator in no time.

Go with the Flow

Where’s My Water? is a physics-based puzzle game where the object is to control the flow of water. You need to use the natural properties of everyone’s favorite life-giving liquid to bring it straight to where you want it to go: Swampy’s bathroom.

  • Carve out tunnels for the water to flow through in the soft dirt.
  • Direct water into the pipes to get it to flow or spray into places it couldn’t normally reach.
  • Open and shut sluice gates to displace water from one location to the next. Just be careful; you can only activate each gate once.

Beware of Sewer Hazards

The sewer that Swampy lives in is full of all sorts of minor and major hazards that nevertheless make it difficult for him to take a simple bath. Navigating the water around them is paramount to your success, but you may find some ways to use these annoyances to your advantage if you’re clever enough.

  • Algae absorbs water it comes into contact with, growing as a result. Kill this barrier with poison.
  • Purple poison is a dangerous liquid that corrodes all it touches. Keep it out of the water and Swampy’s bath, but use it to take out algae if you can.
  • The green goo will eat through dirt and chemically react with water in a violent explosion. You don’t want to get this in Swampy’s bathtub, but the explosions it causes might be useful in certain situations.
  • Red mud mixes with the water and turns it into filthy mud as well, rendering it useless to poor Swampy. However, if it’s left untouched for long enough, it can harden into harmless dirt.

Make the Grade

Swampy will be more than grateful just to get himself all nice and clean every time you complete a level. However, if you really want to make him smile, then there are ways to go the extra distance to make his bath time all the more enjoyable.

  • Deliver more water than Swampy asks for.
  • Get all of the rubber duckies scattered around each level. Just let the water contact them and they’re all yours!
  • Bring the water to Swampy’s bathroom as quickly as possible. The sooner he gets clean, the happier he’ll be.

Keep the Adventure Going

If you find yourself enjoying the world and gameplay of Where’s My Water?, then feel free to check out its assorted expansion packs.


  • Play Cranky’s Story, starring Swampy’s nemesis. Help Cranky get his lunch by directing poison onto the disgusting algae that’s covering it.
  • Play Allie’s Story. Help Allie play her steam-powered piano by directing hot steam into it.
  • Play Mystery Duck’s Story. Revisit Swampy’s levels and see if you can grab all of the special ducks that require different amounts of water to obtain.

See You Later, Alligator!

Where’s My Water? is a fantastic little puzzler with a unique premise and even more unique mechanics. No other game uses fluid physics to nearly the same extent that this one does. Even fewer manage to wrap their puzzles up with such fluidly-animated visuals or populate their worlds with likable and charming characters like Swampy and the gang.

Get this game if you just can’t get enough physics-based puzzle-solving. It’s good, clean entertainment fit for all ages!

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