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WITH - Whale in the High

WITH is a fun mobile game that allows you to escape from everyday life and enter a magical realm

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Game Description

WITH is a cute mobile game where you can escape from daily life and enter a fantasy world.

While riding a dandelion seed, Wiz made an emergency landing on the back of a flying Whale. Wiz meets the Whale by coincidence. They collaborate to create their own calm space.



1. A stress free idle mobile game for everyone!

  • There will be no more stress! Gold and hearts will be collected automatically as time passes. How simple it is
  • No more stress! Enjoy the Wiz's slow paced daily existence with peaceful BGM, leaving your concerns behind.

2. Dress up the beautiful Wiz in numerous clothes and accessories!

  • Choose from a variety of skin colors, outfits, shoes, bags, and other accessories to create your own distinct Wiz.
  • You can even call them by their name!
  • For an extra dose of cuteness, check out Wiz in his rabbit costume.

3. Increase the whale's size by talking with it and feeding it.

  • Wiz and the whale have a mutually beneficial connection.
  • Try feeding the whale Wiz made food!
  • Every day, the whale will console you with a word that will warm your heart.
  • The whale's soothing utterances can be a wonderfully calming experience, especially if you're bored of your regular routine.

4. Get a pet for your Wiz!

  • In the fantasy realm, there are many pets living on top of the whale!
  • Make Wiz and his pets buddies to keep Wiz entertained. The attachment level rises as well!
  • Enjoy the allure of little and adorable creatures.

5. Pay a visit to the Wiz village, where you can find peace and relaxation.


  • Relax and unwind while listening to the charming Wiz's soothing ASMR sounds.
  • Relax by listening to the calm BGM in the Wiz village and being disturbed by nothing.

We highly recommend this game to those sho...

  • Require their own place and a break from their hectic everyday lives
  • Want to feel relaxation itself, escaping from the monotonous daily routine
  • Enjoy customizing lovely and adorable characters
  • Enjoy fantasy themed video games.
  • Want interaction with Wiz, the whale, and pets
  • Like charming stuff and games
  • Relax with ASMR noises
  • Enjoy playing charming simulation games

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